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2 weeks since last blog...

Friday, March 01, 2013

Well the last 2 weeks have been a lil more busier than usual. Next week is my spring break so my professors are cramming us with tons of homework and tests. Nothing too unusual happened last week...just plugging along. Had a .2 weight gain on the 20th, not too bad. This week on the contrary has been terrible! And keeps getting worse. It started out just being stressful due to all the homework I have had and midterms to study for. Last week was my MGMT midterm and this past Wednesday had my written midterm in spanish and today I have an oral exam in spanish. Plus I have to write a 5-8 page paper tonight due by midnight that I couldn't start sooner because of all the other homework I have had the last 2 weeks. Well Tuesday night we had a snow storm. Of course all schools including the kids' were closed and most other colleges apart from mine. But that wasn't the bad part. My electricity went out at about 1:30 that morning. So I realized this at about 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Had to take my midterm on 2 hrs of sleep. Didn't go to well. I did the best I could do considering the circumstances. Well last night was the topper. My dog needed to go out about midnight last night. I go to let her in and when I open the back door I smell a skunk...so I hurried to get her in...oh boy she got sprayed. Luckily is wasn't that bad of a spray and was confined to her face but it was horrible. She was itching at her face so I took a wet towel and tried to wipe her down...didn't have any tomato juice yet. Realized she had red splotches all over her face. At first I thought it attacked her and called Jason to come home from work. He called my mother in law who lives around the corner and she brought me some tomato juice until he got home. We gave her a bath and then when Jason got home we gave her another. So not much sleep again. Letting the kids sleep in because it woke them too. Just a horrible night. I am kind of glad I am number 2 to take my test so I can get out of there. I have the smell of skunk stuck in my nose. Jason smelled me last night and smelled nothing so I am praying me and the kids dont' smell.

WI this week didn't change...so thats better than gain :)

Wish I could come home this evening and drink my bottle of wine but I have to get that paper done then depending on the time...have a drink of 2...I really really need it!

Take care everyone!
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