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Sparkpeople's Total Body Sculpting DVD review

Friday, March 01, 2013

Ok, so before I review this DVD fairly, you need to know the background on my fitness level:
I work out. I like to lift- mostly upper body work. I run. 10ks at the moment, and working up to another half. I do spin class. I used to do bootcamp at my gym until I reeeaaaally hurt my lower back at the beginning of October, 2012 in a boxercise class, and I haven't been back. I haven't been back to bootcamp, boxercise, nor kickboxing. I've been doing yoga to help stretch out the back as well. I *love* plyometrics and bootcamps and kickboxing classes! The harder the better- feel the burn!

So, I don't know if it is my lack of plyometrics, bootcamps or other lower body exercises lately, but wow, this DVD was good!!

I did the warm-up, barre body blast and the body-weight burn back to back- about 40 minutes of workout. My heart-rate was up and I broke a good sweat. I found these two sections really focused on lower body- lots of awesome squats and lunges, as well as shoulders.
I love working out my shoulders, and I've wanted more lower body workout in my workout plan, so this honestly will be perfect for me. I think I will do these two sections together once a week. The beauty of it is that you (I) can do this at any time of the day- tonight I did them at 11pm. I would not head out to the gym to workout at 11 my gym wouldn't be open. Can I find a fitness class geared more towards the lower body? Not at my gym.

Definitely DO NOT do these sections after a long run or before a run- it will tire your lower body out. I tried to do squats once after a good run and my thighs seized up! Take it from me.

The DVD was easy to follow. The modifications were good. However, the bodyweight burn had a couple moves I'm not used to so it took a little bit to get the hang of them and up to speed, but next time will be smoother.
Not for the sedentary person who is looking for something to get them off the couch, but not quite at the plyometric level of a top-notch bootcamp. It's a beautiful level right under that bootcamp, with a focus especially in the barre section on the lower body.

Oh why didn't I do the third part, the sizzle sculpt? I don't have weights! I did watch it and went 'yup, that would work if I had weights!' haha

The bonuses were cool, too. I have to try them at some point as well :)

And how did my lower back fair from this as I am suuuper cautious not to hurt it again? Barre: no problems, and the body-weight burn: I slowed a couple parts down a bit this time to see how my lower back would react to the moves- it ended up being tired but fine.
Whew- my legs are tired and they feel worked out!
So yeah, if you want a little shake-up to your routine, do try it!

The DVD is available at and in Target stores.

"I received this DVD for free from Sparkpeople but did not receive any form of payment for my review."
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