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We're gonna have a good day!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can't really post more good lyrics from The Nappy Roots, but the beginning of the song is stuck in my head.

My mom and sister are currently cleaning out my house getting it show ready. I had a phone interview with an HR rep at a company in St. Louis. He said he was going to personally walk my CV over to the hiring managers for two different jobs!!!!!

They apparently need to fill these positions quickly, but they will be hiring again closer to the time that I will be graduating. I told him the earliest I could start would be May 13th!

I should hopefully get a call to set up an interview in April, for the job in May if they like me. But he made the comment that he remembered talking to me almost a year later, so that's a really good sign that I have a personality that is memorable.

I'm over the moon. He also said that if no one here would hire me, he has contacts at other businesses in StL that could also potentially hire me if his company didn't, but he wanted the first shot.

I mean, good, good, good, eeee! Super positive. I'm waiting to work on an experiment in the hood. I'm planning on working late a lot, even while my family is here to get stuff done.

The end is nearing and coming up quickly, but grad school for me has been a great time. The only thing that really freaks me out is uncertainty that gives me anxiety.

My family is making a push to get everything done on the house that we can inside while the snow is going crazy outside. The realtor is coming in March 6th to take pictures and make a YouTube video of my house (haha, I'll post a link), and the plan is to add the listing March 11th!

The plan is to sell it as quickly as possible. We are going to be reasonable about it. Its worth less than I paid for it, so at this point, its not worth arguing over $1000. Now $3000 I will argue over! Its going to be a loss for us, my equity is going to go back to repaying the loan from my grandmother and the realtor fees and nothing else. Nada. Zip. Zilch. If I get rid of it before I leave here though, I'll just move in with a friend and her husband/girls for a month or two. That will probably make me much more efficient at working too. And the most exciting part for me will be NO MORE MORTGAGE payment! Ugh, that's a burden off my shoulders too.

So all in all I'm having a really good day. Good job prospects, my family is helping to clean while I work on school, and I have a strong job lead. No interview yet, but hopefully soon, once I've calmed down a bit!

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