Three Things: 2/28/13: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Intro: Too much stuff, too many pounds. My plan is to tackle both of them bit by bit. For the junk, 3 things a day. For the junk in my trunk, it's more complicated.


No philosophy today other than boy this stuff is a lot of stuff. And how much of our most important stuff (time) little stuff (junk) takes up. I'm sitting here waiting for my iPad to charge as I'm apparently incapable of running on the treadmill without something to distract me. Mainly I enjoy The Biggest Loser over and over, having long since stopped judging those poor people. It's been suggested to me that I would be a great contestant. Miraculously, I am still friends with the people who've said that. All I can say is that my well-meaning friends are very wrong.

1. Pens! This is what I decided to throw away after going through ONE pen cup. The brown one with little chocolate chips on it smells like chocolate. I need this? The pink bling pen is too stumpy and hurt my fingers when I tried to use it - it was part of a set that came with an equally blinged-out computer mouse. I dislike pens without caps and I see someone walked away with a golf pencil... hm. To the businesses whose names adorn the pens I am about to discard... I have never used a pen as a source to decide on a new plumber, bank, conference center or therapist. The only useful writing that belongs on a pen is who made it so I can buy another one and for expensive pens, your name and number so I can return it to you. Because a good pen is as hard to find as a good friend but so much easier to lose.

Result? Took them to work, where we are always running out of pens (and where I always bring my own).

2. Nutrisystem meals. This is not to bash Nutrisystem or any diet where you buy pre-packed meals. I think they can be very useful for those needing to reset their interpretation of portion-control with no regard towards sodium content or taste. A friend told me they really enjoyed Nutrisystem and was pleased with his results. The fact that we've since lost touch has nothing to do with that outright lie. I think he just wanted to hear the shrill screeching sounds that came out of me the first time I plopped a spoonful of this chemical glop in my mouth.

Result? Tossed. As much as I hate wasting food, first of all, this is not food. Second, it's so old it's not safe. Just on the "old" point. Third, I considered donating this but it opened up a whole other line of thought: is it tacky to donate what is clearly diet food to hungry people? It makes me embarrassed. My biggest worry is how to control how much I eat, not how to find what I need for myself or my children. Something I will ponder on the treadmill in a bit, especially the historic aspects of this concerning growing up hungry and eating cheap food.

3. Socks. About every 6 weeks or so (not as often as I'd like) I finish the laundry completely and sit down to pair socks. I have 3 full laundry baskets of socks. Ridiculous. Mind you, these are not exclusively MY socks. When I need socks, I buy 12 pair of the same style. This makes it easy to find a pair. As they wear out, I toss them. When I press the issue, my children assure me they need these socks and more. As recently as this past summer there were socks in the basket from when they were 8 years old. they are 18 and 21 now. So - knowing they don't read this blog - I confess to you: after sorting, whatever doesn't match gets tossed. This is an average toss. I'm waiting to see if I can get down to one small basket each of black and white socks before they notice.

Result? Tossed. Shhhhh....

No Keeper today. Gotta run. Literally.

"There is no little enemy." ~Benjamin Franklin
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    Wow, great job today and WAY over 3 items. I'm so PROUD of you!!
    1667 days ago
    Thank you. I have long been curious just what Nutrisystem food would look like when it came to my door if I were ever to order it. Now I know. Not terribly attractive. At one time I thought about getting it. Then I did some research and I found out a couple of things. First, that once they got their nails into you they would not let go, and B, that the food was terrible. So I scratched that idea.

    Not too long ago I had a grunch (this is a word, I promise) of socks. I washed them all, put them in a large bag, and took them to my daughter. Since they were all pretty much unisex, both she and the grandson could use them. She was enormously grateful, as she is poor and they both go through socks very quickly. Now I don't have enough. But that's okay, I really do want to buy some more anyway.

    Pens....I've been thinking about that. I've decided something. The government has put something in the ink. It's a bit like nicotine, or maybe cocaine, or maybe crack. Once you have any contact, in any form whatsoever, with said ink, you are no longer able to resist any pen on the planet. It's a plot. And as soon as I figure out the reason I'll let you know. Shhhhh......( I think they're listening.....) emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1668 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/1/2013 12:44:20 AM
    I have a sock bag; when I find a missing sock, I throw it in there. PRoblem is, the bag's so heavy it's starting to burst. Well, the cat clawing a hole in it didn't help. Guess it's time to go through it now.

    And pens? Pens are a MAJOR weakness. Why in the name of all that's holy does ANYONE need more than 20 pens?
    1668 days ago
    That is a great way to tackle hoarding - er, I mean excess possessions. I need to do the same thing, maybe I will try your way. Thanks!
    1668 days ago
    Our sock problem is the same just on a smaller scale. At one point we did a match and toss but then we didn't have enough left so we had to buy more. My main issue is that dh will throw out a torn sock but he won't throw the mate. Drives me batty. Then again unless I match his socks, he won't take the 10 seconds to grab a pair. He just makes sure the are similar enough and off he goes.

    I'm a pen hoarder too. I used to be much worse when I worked in retail. I have the hardest time tossing a pen that can be refilled.

    1668 days ago
    I have the sock problem too. Usually my missing socks are somewhere in the dresser drawers DH uses. He just grabs everything in the bottom of the laundry basket and puts it in a drawer.

    which means I have to go searching for MY underwear and socks emoticon

    on the bright side, that does mean every few weeks he DOES actually do something around the house
    1668 days ago
    wow! We are alike!.... accept for the nutrisystem meals... but then again, I have an entire cupboard full of items I've bought and never used for meals!
    I'm a collector of pens... have drawers full... go through and throw out ones that don't work sometimes... but why do I have all these? 'Cuz I can't walk by one on the floor and not pick it up... and I work in a school, so there are TONS!
    And Socks... I literally have 2 full baskets of unmatched socks.... I HATE folding socks! I had 3 at the beginning of winter, but then I did some matching :-)
    so, by reading this, at least I know I'm not alone! lol! Best of luck to ya on your purge!
    1668 days ago
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