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Be Well

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healing is a matter of time, but it sometimes also a matter of opportunity." Hippocrates.

The human body is a incredible machine most times it has the ability to heal itself . a lot of time it needs a little help and we need to learn to know when.

Sometimes when working out you feel a little twinge ,or tear or pain sometimes with rest you are as good as new. If your injury does not feel better after ice heat and rest or gets worse it is best to get some help at the doctors.

When we are under stress we can make ourselves feel really ill, then it is time to take a mental health day. If the stress is from work stay home relax , go for a walk in nature, read a book play soothing music . Talk to some friends and you may feel better.

If the stress is from home see if you can walk away for a couple hours. Go to the library or a coffee shop and sit and vegetate. I am very lucky I have a nursing home near by that has an outdoor stations of the cross. Their is a place to sit with pretty flowers and a cave with Mary's statue there. I go there often to get my head together to just sit and breathe, and rejuvenate. Visit a friend for a cup of coffee and gab session then you go home renewed and refreshed and ready to go.

Sometimes we have gone through emotional trauma and could use a little extra help never be afraid or ashamed to talk to a professional counselor, They have heard it all and can help. If something is eating you up inside it is not going to disappear ,tell a friend a co-worker or better yet see a professional .

So getting well is in part knowing when you need help and seeking it out . Whether it is a trip to the doctor , a visit with a friend or just some alone time. Look toward the opportunity to get help don't wait things just seem to get worse if you wait.

Get well, BE WELL, my friends, hugs
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