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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've had my FitBit for a month, and I've been tracking pretty well. And I have lost 1-2 pounds.

Last night I decided to look at some of the reports since there is a months worth of info.
1. I've been within my SP ranges. (sometimes high, sometimes low)
2. My "calories to burn goal" (set by SP) has been exceeded every single day. By ALOT
3. I don't get 8 hours of sleep a day :)

Today I read quiet a bit about "starvation mode", not eating enough ect ect. I even sent my SparkCoach an email laying out the specifics.Not to be negative about SC, but they only advised me to track food and be patient.Which is good, it just didnt feel very personalized.

After my research I decided to go into my fitness settings and update my activities. That upped my calorie range by about 100 or so.

I'm not terribly upset about the loss of only 1 pound in a month. I **am** concerned that I may not be eating enough to fuel my body. And that is not in keeping with my health goals. It would be nice to see bigger losses ofcourse.

Any thoughts or advice would be welcomed.

A recap--
Dec 31st -start date -just starting to workout, reducing intake but not hungry.
Jan 31st- lost about 5.5 pounds, my workouts expand -still not hungry.
Today (Feb 27) Lost another pound in Feb, workouts have become regular, about 2 miles per day+ becoming more active overall.

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  • KIMBERLY19732
    KAKAKALI4 ..Thank you. I have been drinking alot of water, cola as a treat-maybe twice a month. Same for sweet tea--a treat.

    I have gotten some great encouragement and advice on SP and I'm going to use it!

    I plan to mix up my workouts some. I'm taking a couple of days to fight this cold -so minimal workout (10 min. on Wii Fit and walking the dogs). I'm going to get more sleep and not worry about the other so much.

    I am doing a challenge in March, 1000 fitness minutes for the month, according to my FITBIT I think that will be simple (I hope those are not *famous last words*)
    1849 days ago
    Well good for you - first of all. Feel proud that you have incorporated exercise and good eating into your life. Are you drinking enough water? do you drink soda or high sugarey drinks? Those affect you more than eating does - cuz it goes right into your bloodstream. Are you doing any ST? I agree with attackfatcat -- you need to mix up your workouts, because your body gets used to it and then it doesn't burn what you think it does. For example - last night I did 35 minutes on the interval setting on the ellipical -- ellipical said I burned roughly 320 calories - when I came home and plugged it into the fitness tracker - it said 702 calories!! What a huge difference!!! So I am not sure which is right .. I just kinda think of it as in the middle of the two. I have also been told by my doctor to try the Dukan diet -- so I am researching it .. just know eat more lean protein and less carbs and keep your workouts up .. you will see improvement in time .. might not be OUR time .. but our bodies need time to adjust as well. Try to get more sleep!!
    1849 days ago
    You mentioned you've updated the duration of your exercises, but have you tried doing different kinds of exercise? Sometimes doing the same kind of exercise at the same intensity for a while can cause your body to become more efficient at it and then it takes a higher intensity or switching workouts to get that same kind of calorie burn. I think the recommendation is making a switch every 6-8 weeks.

    The calories burned in SP seem overestimated based on my own experience, but even if that were the case, you should still see a moderate loss. I would definitely recommend trying to get more sleep in. The small changes are a good idea too. Maybe try adding or taking away 100 calories a day and do that for a few weeks. You could also try calorie cycling to switch things up.

    Hopefully you'll see a shift soon. I know that sometimes the extra exercise and activity effort takes a few weeks to show up on the scale for me. You could also keep up with measurements...often I won't lose any weight, but I will drop a few inches on my body.
    1850 days ago
    Sorry, I have no real advice to offer, just encouragement. I know how discouraging it is when you do everything you are supposed to do and don't see the results. And I can understand your frustration with SC. You didn't feel you got any answer to your problem.

    The only thing I can think of is to cut back on carbs (that has helped me). But no plan is a one size fits all so that is only one idea to try.
    1850 days ago
    Listen to your coach.
    1850 days ago
    The only thing I could touch on is perhaps the sleep - if you feel you are not getting enough - it can affect your weight loss. When I was sleeping well - I lost the pounds doing what I was doing (exercise and good balanced diet.) I hit a plateau - and I think part of it was also attributed to not getting enough sleep. I have read that it can affect you - your motivation, your endurance, your hunger levels, your ability to lose weight.

    Not sure if that is definitely a factor in your case - but it might be something worth looking at.
    1850 days ago
    Fitbit gives me a much higher daily calorie range than spark does. Since I am doing Atkins, however, I don't pay much attention to my overall calorie intake, just carb intake. Within reason, of course. I'm still ending up between 1500 - 2000 calories per day. Frankly, once the carbs are gone it is hard to get into the high calorie ranges!
    1850 days ago
    You might also look a the fitbit dashboard and see what they suggest. There's will have a calorie range also. But Sparkpeople sets your calorie ranges by what you enter as a goal weight and by the time you want to lose it. Try changing you goals in Sparkpeople. And your calories will change also. Good night.
    1850 days ago
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