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Why Do I Blog @ Spark People?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Do I Blog @ Spark People?


(Last updated 2013-03-02.)

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm very big on the doing, the how-to-doing, and the why of doing, of weight loss. I don't “talk” a lot about affirmations and self. I do, however, think that affirmations, self concept and motivation are very important. But, for me they all have to be tied together into a meaningful whole—not just once—but on an ongoing basis.

Here's what I think are the reasons. “Think? Don't you know?” Read on, if I haven't bored, too much, already.

First, I'm skeptical of alleged motives, mine and everyoneelse's. I'm not just skeptical of motives, I'm also skeptical of model (metaphor)—sets of ideas that purport to describe the general principles of things. I'm not necessarily cynical, unless my skepticism reveals systematic “warp” from reality. “Warp” most often does not mean lies. Our understandings of “things”, in my experience, almost always leaves a lot to be desired. And, once motivations become strong, the “warp” can become monumental, even cataclysmic, in size and effect. Doubt it? Listen to the debate about current politico-economic issues in the US.

That, BTW, is what makes science so useful. It provides systematic methods of observation, measurement, recording, and interchange of ideas to determine if there is “warp” between the models proposed and behavior of the universe (cosmology), things (physics), and human behavior (psychology), etc. (And, hence, that is one of my reasons for my emphasizing observation, measurement and recording.)

Second, even when we know things well, and that knowledge forms the basis of skilled behavior and performance, we are often not able to articulate the basis of our performance any where near as well as we are able to use it. This is the difference between knowing and doing; between coaching and playing, and between teaching and using—in life.

Third, consciously reviewing what we know can help to improve the knowledge and the result, and can help us to change when conditions change (adjust). I'm trying to distill for myself, how to live my life with respect to food and exercise from here on out. I want that understanding to be clear and underline my affirmations because I know how hard it is to break habit hierarchies. Doubt me? Read the many blogs and writings at SparkPeople, of people who have reached their goals only to slide back into the problem—once again. And, make no mistake about it, this is “not my first rodeo, either!” And, too, I'm old enough to realize there are not that many “rodeos” left. It's not that I expect imminent death! It's that I know full well that behavior gets harder to change as you get older, and there is less time left in which to change it.

Fourth, if I don't actually succeed through my plans, process and ideas, then I am not only letting myself down and decreasing my life span and quality of life, I am letting down all those that I would purport to help, or even casually communicate with, about these issues.

Put another way, I do like helping people, but I want to make sure that I'm actually helping. I've seen a lot of behavior, here (mine included) that purports to help, or contribute, and it really creates major distraction! This doesn't mean that social interaction, apart from nutrition, fitness, and well-being is a waste of time. But, there's only so much time to change oneself, and if “you're in/at the place you've selected to help change yourself”, then job one had better be “change oneself”!

In brief, because this adventure is so hard to pull off successfully, I want to (a) do as much right as possible, and (b) understand as correctly as possible. I know I have been helped greatly by the other folks at SP, so I know I'm in the “right place”.


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