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can it get any worse?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I finally got my elevation report back. I am currently at 6.7 feet above sea level. Per the new FEMA Maps my property has to be rebuilt an additional 8 feet. Mind you these new maps do not go into effect until Sept. 2014 but if we do not conform then our Flood Insurance will be upwards of $20,000 per year.

Who wants to climb an additional 8 feet of stairs every day to get into their house. To bring in their groceries. To bring in the new appliances and furnish that was destroyed.

Mind you I am not in the water but I am surrounded by water nearby. The new map has me in a wave action area. I am landlocked so where are the waves? A little piece of my house, like no exaggeration, let's than 4 inches is putting me in the next zone requiring my house to be not only 8 feet higher but the bottom beam under the house and not my living room floor 8 feet above sea level. Had this not been in the new zone I could build with only extending 6 feet on pilings. FEMA says if one inch is in a higher zone then the whole house needs to be.

Yes I am fighting it and the Governor's office is involved but they are saying the maps may be cut back because maybe they overdid the calculations but again I have to wait till 2014 to rebuild then.

Are you kidding me? I can't keep living like a vagabond for 2 years and I certainly can not afford to pay the expenses of my non livable house and a new house till then. The rent in NJ is astronomical it is actually cheaper to own.

I am not a greedy person, not looking for the government for a handout. I just want my cute little house (1150 square feet) back the way it was before the flood.

So far the quotes to elevate the house just 5 feet are $90,000.00. That is just to lift the house and nothing else. That was a quote my girlfriend got, I as of yet have not made any inquiries because I am still reeling from my insurance company only giving me $44,000 to rebuild. Can't take this!
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