260 by 7.16.13

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blaize and I made a goal for ourselves to reach by our B-days! Mine is a little high but I still think it's doable. It's a big goal but I have mini goals set up for myself as well! It's 15lbs a month!

March has 5 weeks in it which means I need to lose 3 pounds a week for the month of March.

My Weeks ahead
Saturday- Day of Rest
Sunday- Elliptical, Bike, Weights Upperbody
Monday-Elliptical, Weights Lowerbody
Tuesday-Elliptical, Bike
Wednesday-Elliptical, Weights Upperbody
Thursday-Elliptical, Bike, Weights Lowerbody

When I get the chance Frisbee Golf with hubby

Mini Goals before the Big One

326-weight at christmas
317-weight at my bday
308-lowest weight since 2004
299-out of the 300's
287-lowest weight since 2002
270-lowest weight since 2000
260-Goal Weight for Bday!
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