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Habits are changing for the better, hopefully for good

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am making some progress lately and I am happy to report on it. And when I think about it, there have been far too many times in the past where I have blogged or journaled about negative trending with respect to weight loss, or lack thereof, eating right, or just plain living well. So, I am overdue for this.

My day started off stressful enough. While I did manage to get to the gym at 6:00 for a quick workout, I left harried, and running late, feeling somewhat disappointed in myself that I had not gotten up 15 minutes earlier, which would have allowed for a real workout that I could actually feel. But then I reminded myself that the last time I had been at the gym at that hour, let alone form a routine of doing so consistently, was at least 10 months ago. So it represents progress to be proud of. The morning's workout was short but more importantly, it represented a step in the right direction on the old treadmill.

Then I sat in traffic for 40 minutes while enroute the new job, leaving me to further doubt myself and this plan to workout local to my home at the crack of dawn before sitting in traffic and then running late every day. But again, I redirected, gave myself another pat on the back, and got to work just in the knick of time. And since arriving, thus far the day has been most productive and even enjoyable. And here I am on my lunch break, another little success story.

While I had flirted with the temptation of leaving my sensible lunch in the fridge and even romanticized a hamburger or worse, definitely worse, I ate and enjoyed my lunch after chatting with a friend. That reminds me, I have found that when I isolate I eat way more. Isolating for lunch is easy and natural for me to do given my job title. Plus, as an introvert, I derive energy from being alone in small doses. Still, I am making an effort to eat more lunches with new colleagues, which has also been a good thing thus far.

So, that's my little positive report. I am proud and ready to take on, and hopefully enjoy, the rest of the work day and beyond.
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