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I owe a debt..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To my running partner from last night.

Mr. Zerbert Ray Bailey (aka Bubbie) having a much-deserved rest last night.

He went with me last evening on my run. I haven't run in a week and a half, and knew I needed to get out there to get my mojo back, to get the good juju flowing again. I harnessed him up, and Bill got Maggie and Millie into their harnesses, and we all left the house at the same time. I looped around the block, while Bill took the girls straight along the street. Bub and I caught up to them then ran past them, on our way.

He is ~such~ a good lil boy. That fancy tail you see draped behind him is a precise indicator of how he's feeling, and it is almost always wiggling and waggling. On the majority of our run (and yes, I Galloway'd, :45 sec intervals of walking and running) that tail was curled up tall and flying proudly. Something bothered him briefly and it was streaming straight out behind him, but it eventually curled back up again.

He went the whole distance with me, not stopping until we got back to the house and the front yard. Then, he sprawled out, all four legs going in different directions LOL Poor lil pup was pooped!

We each had a healthy dinner, then we curled up on the couch. At least, until I offered a treat for taking his picture.

Then he was all about sitting pretty.

I'm going to continue my version of accountability and keep on posting my daily differentials. It helps me, but isn't as detailed as listing everything I eat each day. I imagine that got boring for you as it did for me. Ha!

Monday, Feb. 25
Eaten 1,541
BMR* 2,179
Exercise 519
Total Burned 2,698
Differential -1,157

Tuesday, Feb. 26:
Eaten 1,799
BMR* 2,179
Exercise 853
Total Burned 3,032
Differential -1,233

I want to see my differentials add up logically to pounds released. I know, weight loss is anything but logical, but I can dream, right?

Thanks so for the boost and encouragement and understanding yesterday. If there's one thing you should know about me by now it's that I only do what I want to do. To some extent, my spoiled brat little girl still holds sway within me. I don't always say thank you, or give goodies. My form of gratitude, support and encouragement is mostly by reading your blogs, hearing your voices, and commenting. That's how I learn more about each of you, and I'm always so glad that you share yourselves with me (us) in that way.

Now let's get back to kickin' fat's *ss!
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