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My Son is Not Good At All...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Came home from vacation to my son who is a lot worse. He has been eating and drinking a lot - still lost 5 more pounds! He now weighs 110 and he is 5'8"! He looks awful. He wouldnt go back to the hospital so yesterday he went to a kidney dr and got an ultrasound done. The kidney dr thinks his kidney probs are secondary to something else. This morning I took him to get lots of blood work done and now we are waiting for him to get a CAT scan of his stomach and bowel. I told him after this - if it's clear - we are going to John Hopkins hospital. His vision is blurry if it's bright, he can barely walk ( had to drive a cart around grocery store), his fingers and toes are tingling, his upper back hurts and his chest is bothering him. It is taking everything I have not to cry in front of him right now! I have gone over CPR in my head several times in case he collapses - can't believe I have to imagine this!

I am wondering if it is Lyme disease - it takes about three days for that test to come back. He's also got a glucose test and thyroid test.

So...I am totally stressed out...which means I have no appetite. At some point I have to get to work to get payroll ready for tomorrow. My husband is there now - I think we are going to switch at 3:30 or I am going to have to go in tonight.

Anyway, that is what is going on at the moment! I hope you are having a better week.
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