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Not easy...but not daunting either...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well I did press reset recently (after a crazy year & new baby...I'm back to the drawing board so to speak)...I have about 27 lbs to get down to my "ideal" weight...15 lbs to be where I was a year ago(& honestly might actually BE ideal for me)...and my shortest term goal is with my 5% winter challenge (GO Firecrackers!! lol) to lose a bit over 7 lbs.

I've been reflecting on all the reasons I feel SO so good about starting to get all the way back in the saddle again...I didn't feel so great my first time around with implementing weight loss & exercise into my lifestyle. All these numbers seemed so daunting to me because I just didn't have the know how. However right now I feel energized, hopeful, & so positive about my life & most pointedly about my overall health & well being. Now I know not only that I can do it but HOW to do it. It may be possibly cliche around these parts (SP & our blogs in particular) to praise & tote the life-changing qualities that SP can pass to us...but dammit it is true! Growing up I never was taught to implement health/wellness/fitness the way I should. So in joining SP it was like a rebirth. I learned that it all mattered (mind as much as fitness & good nutrition). I worked so so hard to implement these changes in my life based on the tools & knowledge on the site. I worked so hard that the "goal" (weight loss number) faded in importance........it was just about feeling better & being better. It faded so much that I blew by my goals & the numbers no longer mattered. So happy to say that I feel the same today. That is why I am full of hope. I know I haven't veered to far off my course & that the changes made are truly a part of me now. It is within my power to be the person I want to be & to live a much fuller life. (Wow I really didn't see that little tirade coming - lol)

So I say ALLLLL that just to say I have been starting with some small streaks...(drinking 10+ glasses of water a day, 30 minutes or more of exercise 5 or more times a week, @ least 4 fruits & veggies a day)....so far so good (been only a week though - lol). I already feel like I have a bit more of a bounce in my step...hope to keep adding onto the streaks...

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