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Why YOUNG folks dont trust OLD folks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Monday I signed up for a local weight loss challenge and got my sister to agree to join me. It is run by a very animated/somewhat excitable young lady who lost tons of weight herself and is now a runner. She seems to be a genuinely lovely person who really cares for the people that sign on to her course. Our course has 6 people of varying ages on it, we even have one man.
Ultimately she does this for a little money but mostly for the love of helping people. She makes almost no money from the course fees itself because of the gifts that can be won etc but seems to make her money from the Herbalife products she sells, but even then, she didn't insist anyone buy any. They are there on display and we have been told the benefits of substituting one meal with a shake. Its quite expensive, so I'm not sure I'll be going that route, however I am going to use the scale that measures the body fat you lose and what is only water loss and I will use the 6 km (3.7 miles) round trip exercise when I walk there and back. Also knowing that she measures you weekly, weighs you AND whoever gains has to pay a R15 ($1.69) forfeit....well for the next 3 months thats NOT going to be me. So the program will be good for me and just knowing that we weight in front of each other and calls out our weight loss to the rest is enough to help me stay true. No more free shortbread cookie with my coffee at the coffee shop.

Talking about coffee shops....today, after yesterdays heat and no rain again today (but at least slightly cooler day) my friend asked if I would go with her to the mall for coffee. She had a botox treatment this morning in the quest of stopping the permanent deep frown between her brows and hopes people will like her more. Nuts!!! People either like you or they don't....still, I don't have a deep frown between my brows so maybe I speak from a place of ignorance. Anyway, I joined her. Within a short time, my entire family waltzed in with each other..so we joined tables. AND HERE began the trust issue with old folk.

After coffee, my mother 79 years of age asked if I would mind driving home with her as she felt a bit strange. First things first, she turns out in front of another driver and can't understand why people are so rude with their horns..... emoticon
Despite my knowing that God must have a horde of guarding angels taking care of my mother behind the steering wheel, I decide to take over the driving.
I also feel the need to tell her that while I have no problem driving her home, I explain that I really need to get home because I was starving...having eaten my breakfast at the crack of dawn due to taking my dog to the vet early early early this morning. I didn't want to end up hungry at the vet and end up buying something from the vending machine.

No problem, she only needed to stop to one place to pick up her medicine.....though my stomach was rumbling, I still thought....I could do that.

OOOOOHHHHHHWEEEEEE old folks DO NOT tell the truth when it suits them emoticon

We went to the place for the meds and first stopped at the make up counter and had several colors tested on her skin before choosing one, then smiling sweetly we went on the the knee brace dept and tried on several different styles of braces till she found one that fitted comfortably. Next we trundled past the bath foams and by then I was feeling my stomach turning on itself from hunger. I walked over to the nuts counter thinking I'd buy a small packet of almonds to stave off my hunger....not today....only large packets left which cost a fortune. In the end I bought a 500ml bottle of water. Drinking the water made me feel sick on the stomach but I knew that at least something was in there. I finally got her out the store with a whiny voice.......which she seemed to work.

Once out on the road again, it was another "begging" session for me to please make a very quick stop at Pick&Pay supermarket. Ok so, I went into that with my eyes wide open. She hobbles on a cane...how quick could she be?
Myyyyyy worrrrrrd. First the fruit and veg dept...then the toiletries dept then the tinned foods isles and then when I finally thought I was going to throw up on my shoes I threatened to leave her behind!!! That seemed to do the trick, because she went straight out to the check out counter.

I could have bought something to eat there since they do have sandwiches, fruits, cold meats etc but I had my heart set on a chicken feta salad so I waited till I got home and finally got to eat my

It just goes to show how one doesn't die from delayed meals, rumbling stomachs etc.
And now all thats left to do in my day is walk to the post office to post off Axel's gift and the BMW dealership to buy some parts to take to the repairman. This walk is only .9km (.5 mile) but every bit helps and the heat will hopefully make it double in distance lol.
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    1816 days ago

    lol your poor mum! ((hugs))

    That program sounds good --- do your best --
    keep walking

    1819 days ago
    that salad looks yummy...hope every bite was worth the wait, and the aggravation
    m emoticon emoticon
    1819 days ago
    I had to laugh when I read your heading. I thought it was someone young who didn't trust you, LOL. I thought you would be the old folk.

    I guess I think you aren't young anymore once you are past 40 and yes I am way past 40. I am in my mid 50's.
    1819 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/27/2013 4:59:51 PM
    Hello Celest....
    You say your Mom is 79...that puts me 4.5 years younger.
    And I am so very blessed...I give thanks everyday to our Creator.
    I have no arthritis, I have no health problems. I can eat what ever I want,
    no tummy problems.
    My brain cells all seem to be functioning, at least to my knowledge emoticon
    and I can run upstairs....as a matter of fact, I just finished a 15 min session on my treadmill at 3mph, incline 5. And that's just for this morning's workout, still have this afternoons to go yet.
    I love to go shopping by myself...and I am so grateful that I can
    do all the things in life I want to.
    I am sure your Mom would want the same. But life sometimes hands us
    a platter that is hard to deal/cope with. Having loving and caring young-un's like
    yourself that will take the time to help out is appreciated more than your young
    heart will every know.
    I hope you know you are special...because unfortunately there are a lot of other
    young-un's out there that could care a beggar's pittance about their parents.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Never starve yourself like some do with those shakes. (I was on that Cambridge diet shake way back then lost lots and gained fast)

    Eating sensibly is the best and healthiest wa to go.

    Speaking of knee braces... In need a couple myself for walking.
    1819 days ago
    LOL what a day emoticon
    1819 days ago
    That salad looks wonderful. My wife tried to sell Herbalife at one point. If you want a short term fad diet, it works. Maybe we weren't dedicated enough, but it didn't work for me.
    1819 days ago
    Whenever I go out I make sure I have a small zip bag of natural almonds in my purse. If I need it, I have something to keep me from eating the furniture! Once I get home, if I've eaten the almonds, I do my very best to remember to refill the bag so I'm never caught off guard or left to buy expensive snacks.
    1820 days ago
  • GINA180847
    My mother was in her mid thirties before she even gave birth to me so I always remember her 40 and upwards. She was gone by the time I was 40. I am a little envious of you. What a busy lady you are. Glad it is cooling a bit.
    1820 days ago
    Been there, done that - WAY too many times to count! LOL.
    1820 days ago
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