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My boy Utah, a general update, and purchase considerations

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just love my coffee these days. I have poor taste in coffee. I just enjoy my instant with splenda.

emoticon Well, I only got in a mile and a half this morning. I am working from home today though so I hope to get in another 2 and a half or three at lunch time.

This picture is not from this week but I think it indicates that we need a bigger kitchen.

My boy puts himself in the strangest positions. It is not like there isn't room. He is a big boy though.

Anyway, Yes, he has another seizure yesterday. My man happened to be home. Utah was however in "his room"/pen. He of course is never in his pen when I am home except to sleep at night but that is a difference between my man and I that I accept, right?!? Yes, of course. I digress. My man was not feeling well so anyway.

It felt so good to get home. He had the seizure at 3:30. I was not home until close to 6.

So to get to the point... this year Utah appears to be no longer having cluster seizures (having multiple within a 24 hour period) however, he is having them far to often. This last time was only a week and a day since the prior seizure. The time before that was a week and 4 days.

I spoke with the vet this morning. We are not changing anything yet. I have an appointment for next Wednesday to bring him in for bloodwork. They will check his Phenobarbital levels. The doc will then speak with the Neurologist and try to get some advise. I will of course offer to see the Neurologist if that makes sense (just very expensive likely).

I have not researched any more to the long term effects of these seizures. I think I am afraid to but realize I really need to. I must take some more control and ensure I am doing all I can and arming myself with the information I need.

emoticon On a separate note, I was just inside my calorie range yesterday, definitely higher than usual and my weight stayed the same. That was a nice surprise. I would like to stay at mid range and stay at this new plateau.

Seperate topic again...

Well, actually NOT Lots of money. I just want to stop by the Consignment store again. I have been thinking about it a lot. I might.

My B-day is in April. I have been considering ....

a body fat scale. I would appreciate your thought if you have an opinion or experience. I would like to focus more on building muscle and losing fat.

Also considering a new something to measure ....

I have been walking, NOT jogging on the treadmill mostly lately and I think knowing my calories burned wold help. Again, your input would be appreciated. I have a heart rate monitor but have not worn it for quite sometime due to what I think are batter issues.

Gotta run.

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    Utah is lovely!I have the body fat scales and I like them.The doctor encouraged me to get them because I was panicked after an operation that I was not losing weight but as I did my physi I did lose body fat and it helped me to feel that I was doing something and making some progress.
    1608 days ago
    Love the pics of Utah! He's so adorable! Sorry to hear about the last seizure. Hope the meeting with the vet will be helpful. I know you have to feel anxious whenever you have to be away and that isn't healthful for you!

    Don't know anything about the body fat scales, so no opinion on that. About knowing your calorie burn, I read a very good SP article regarding the machine-type registering of calories burned. Unfortunately I don't remember what the title was, but it generally said that those numbers are not an exact measurement. All machines vary, so it is just an estimate of what you might have burned off. Even the numbers here on SP of calories burned when we track our workouts are just estimates, too. As long as you use it as a rough guideline and not an exact science, I think they can be helpful. I personally just use the numbers here when I track and don't think a whole lot about it.
    I'd love to have a heartrate monitor. I think that would help me more than knowing my calories spent, but that's me.
    Hope no more seizures b/f the vet appt. and that you all have a great weekend. Thanks for the update.

    1609 days ago
    Cute dog!

    I have found the step-on bodyfat scales to be very accurate in comparison with air or water displacement bodyfat scales, if you do it at the same time in the morning each day and then take a 7 day average. Many say to take the reading in the evening, but I find too much variance at that point with what you ate, etc. Basically you want to look for a trend as well versus an absolute # with those.
    1609 days ago
    Love the picture of your dog. It's funny how he even has his "hand" up there touching the wall like it's his friend. Sorry that he had another seizure. Hope the vet gives you some answers that help. I've only read one review from another spark person about a body fat scale and her finding was that it was very unreliable and inaccurate. But that's just one person's experience, so maybe go to amazon and read reviews on the product? Not sure, but I can say that's what helped me when I was trying to figure out what kind of coffee maker to purchase. Good luck and good job staying in your calories and keeping your treadmill workouts going! emoticon
    1610 days ago
    How did I miss this? Oh I know, was sleeping solid for like 36 hours straight. Glad I found it now though. So sorry to hear about Utah having another episode. I'm glad you are going to be doing further research into his condition and how it is affecting him. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through but my heart goes out to you as I know it cannot be easy in any way at all.

    I only have a regular digital scale. Can't help you there.

    I have one cup of coffee in the morning on my way to work in my hot cup (keeps it hot foever) and I sip it. Sadly I like 3 tablespoons of my favorite creamer it in it. Its like a 10 1/2 ounce cup of cofee plus the 3 creamers. I log it in but I have no more after that because it is a lot of fat. It is the one treat I give myself to start my day. I used to have several more after that but am limitiing it to just one and I don't feel deprived that way now.
    1611 days ago
    What a cute pooch! I love those pictures! It is good that you seem to have such a good vet and access to a neurologist if necessary. It stinks that Utah is still having seizures but it really seems like you are on top of it.

    I love my coffee too! I am slightly sensitive to caffeine so I have to stop drinking it at about at the latest. Here people drink it all day long and always look at me funny when I don't accept it when it is offered at night. There is no decaf here!

    I don't know about the body fat scale...I can't help with that one but I love the idea of the consignment shop! You seem sensible with your money and I say go and have fun! emoticon
    1611 days ago
    I'm laughing at the Utah pics ... reminds me when I walk into my kitchen and have to play hopscotch over three large canines. They always have to lay in front of something or in the middle of something. I fear one day when I'm hopping someone will stand up and pole vault me through the air. hmmm wonder what kind of score the judges will give me for my landing? LOL

    Hope things go well with your visit with the Neurologist. Keep us posted.

    This is the scale we have and really like.

    1611 days ago
    Love your stamina and commitment on so many fronts!
    Sorry, I have no experience with doggie siezures, hrm's, or fat scales. But if information is power, go for it.

    btw - I love your coffee remark. Totally made me giggle... and now I'm going for some too, lol.

    1611 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/27/2013 2:37:41 PM
    I hope Utah gets great news from the vet and gets better - look at that little scuffin rolling around the floor!
    1612 days ago
    Read the book New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler.
    I just incorporated his program. Full of great info and aha moments.
    1612 days ago
    Hugs for your cute baby!! he is adorable!

    AAAHH spending money. Makes my belly upset. I love new things, but hate spending the money on them :)
    1612 days ago
  • SLACHETKA103145
    Thanks for sharing your story! I have had pets for many years and know when something will happen to them when this starts happening! Just give Utah all of the love you have and listen to what he tells you!

    Would love to hear more!

    1612 days ago
    Aw, I'm so sorry Utah had another seizure. That must be such a helpless feeling for you. But it's good that he's not having the cluster seizures. Yes, I definitely think a larger kitchen is needed. emoticon

    I've also thought about the Fitbit scale, but I don't have one...yet.

    Re. calorie burn--I use the Nike+ app when I run, and when I walk, I wear the Fitbit which also measures my calorie burn. I also have a sports watch that measures, but I always forget to wear it. Too many gadgets I guess. emoticon

    Have a great day, and give Utah a big hug from Jasper and me.
    1612 days ago
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