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A Day in the Life

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Woke up at 8:20, looked across sleeping wife at clock, she reported, "It's not time yet.", and I went back to sleep. Woke up at 9:50 and got up, got my first glass of ice water, looked at headlines on computer, checked markets (off to good start for day), enjoyed the sunshine (Lots of windows in our house in the woods.), took morning pills, started breakfast which was chicken garlic sausage frying in butter, then cooked scrambled eggs in pan with it. Ate and drank green iced tea. Back to computer. Fooled around with it, and finally, at about 12 went and turned on Eve Cassidy singing sweetly for my wife to wake up to. Unplugged her wheelchair and wheeled it into place by her side of the bed. She thanked me, and lingered in bed for a while. She then came out to her glass of iced Starbucks Frappacino which I had set up for her. Then we did her eyedrops. 3 in the morning, all spaced five minutes apart. I set the stove timer to go off in between drops, so we can do the next one. Then, she could not decide on breakfast. I suggested yogurt, frozen blackberries and cereal, which she agreed to. She ate, I,by then, had made and drank two cups of coffee in addition to more green iced tea. I'm just hooked on icy liquids, but also like my hot coffee. Then, she suggested doing her wraps (leg wraps to reduce swelling in her legs due to lymphemdema.) I got them wrapped under her tutledge. She likes to feel like she's in control when I do things for her. Put together my steel bottle of icewater, got my coupns and list for grocery shopping later, and went off just in time to make it to my haircut. Knew the stylist from a previous shop. Reluctant because though he did a good job on people and had quite a following, he was famous for using electric clippers to cut hair, as used in buzz cuts. Hair came out okay, gave him a three dollar tip. Earlier guy had given him 5. Thought I wouldn't get caught up in that for a $20 haircut. Went on to large grocery store to pick up a few things needed in the next couple of days. Would go back in two days to get the fish and fressh stuff. Got home and unloaded groceries, sat down with a glass of brandy, and then preheated oven so the cooking could begin. Cooked large boneless chicken breasts. While that was in the oven prepared the broccoli for steaming, as well as the cauliflower. Wife was off in her office writing synopsis for her novel, as she needs to send it in to the 6th publisher in about a year. Chicken was done. Let it set out for a few minutes, then served plates for both of us, cutting up my wife's chicken. Set up table, lit candle, played older records of Art Garfunkle and eventually Roberta Flack. Scene was mellow. Ate well. Put together plate with remaining chicken and broccoli for wife's breakfast. Saved cauliflower and small amount of chicken for me to snack on later on. Went back on Spark. Read some news items to wife. Wrote out some quotes in my new red quote book (Valentines gift from wife). Made more green iced tea. Constantly back and forth making iced and pouring tea, Diet Dr Pepper, water. Fixing tea concoctions for wife's cold. Getting her snacks. Trying to figure out low carb foods for me to snack on. Did eat leftover chicken I had set aside. Sparked up to 75 points. Watched Chris Matthews on computer. Later, was still Sparking when wife said she wanted me to put on Rachel Maddow. Watched it with her for a while, then went off and read from my new magazine that brings together various religious traditions. Got idea from Spark to chart exercise for optimal effect, strengthening legs, upper body, and doing aerobics. These are interspersed with each other over a four day per week training period, with three days rest in between workdays. Will get up and do that in the morning. Did a load of towels. Then did three of my wife's evening drops for right eye (just had catarct surgery). Also took her leg wraps off. She went into office at about 2:30 AM. I was still Sparking, and planning this very blog entry. It is now 4:23 AM, about to finish this, and go make the bed so we can get in. Will take my night medicine, put a drop in wife's eye and five minutes later a sauve. Then it will be lights out. I'll be gone within five minutes. She might take and hour or 1.5 hrs to get to sleep. Then I'll likely wake up at about 8:20, and realize I need more sleep.

I've never given a blow by blow in a blog. Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. It's not really a tremendous amount to do, but you might be able to tell why even part time work away from home is near impossible. Basically, the relationship is quite good, and I don't want to trade places with anyone. Though it has it's moments, I enjoy caring for her. Glenn
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    The relationship you have with your wife is exceptional. Do you invest in the market, or do you follow it for fun. What is the name of your wife's book.
    1843 days ago
    You're such a good husband!

    Isn't it amazing how many little things we accomplish in a day? And then we wonder why the time flew by so quickly.
    1843 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    When I read the first sentence, I though:Wow, what a dream to sleep past 4 a.m.! When I ended , I see that you are up when I leave for work.

    One thing... have you ever heard of steamer bags? Glad or Hefty or Ziploc makes them,, You cut your fresh veggies up to fit in the quart-sized bags, There is a chart on each bag and the box to tell you how long to nuke the bag,,usually two too four minutes. These bags are not supposed to be reusable, but they are kind of pricey to use only once. We have been using them since we first saw them in stores. No nutrients are lost, no water or pan required!! Just drop them in bag, nuke, and open bag in dish!
    BTW, blog was not boring, MINE are boring..
    1844 days ago
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