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energy gone?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

if you find you're low on energy, there are some simple tricks you can do to re-charge those batteries. this one comes from qi/gong:

stand legs about shoulder-width apart. look out to the horizon, and turn your thoughts inwards. smile inside yourself.

knees slightly bent, shoulders loose and heavy. 'sit' on clouds.

think of the top of your head as being open to the sky

think of the back of your neck as a crossroad for energy flow up and down your spine, and right and left to your arms

think of your chest as being empty and relaxed

think of your stomach as being full

think of your lower back pulling downward, and your upper back pulling upward

think of the balls of your feet as connected to the earth, and like spring water sources, the energy of the earth bubbles through this point upwards into your body

meantime the energy of the sky flows downward through the top of your head into your body.

enjoy the moment
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