Will I lose toenails?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seems likely - and I haven't even run the marathon yet-LOL! Both of my big toenails hurt. They aren't black, but they are darker than normal. I wasn't sure how today's run was going to pan out (for multiple reasons), but I got it done ok. Big toenails remain sore.

As for the rest of my feet - right foot is A-ok. Left foot? All other toenails are weird. Not dark, not really hurting or sore, but weird. Don't quite know how to describe them. Thought they needed clipping yesterday, so I did. After clipping, they still looked like they needed clipping. On closer exam, I have clipped them beyond where I should have stopped. But they still look like they need it. And the nail seems thicker, or flared back or something. Just weird. Somehow...I think they are history. We shall see.

All you marathon folks are...bizarre. This is - fun? I'm not sure about that-LOL! But, I'm forging ahead. If I'm ever gonna do it - now is the time. Hell, I've trained for half a year! So in a little less than three weeks - toenails or not - I'm giving it a try!

Yes, this is proof. I am insane...
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    It was "touch-n-go" for me on my half marathon training as well. But everyone warned me that it will most likely happen if I ever tackle a full marathon!

    My HM was 2 weeks ago and my feet/ toes are still not quite "right"! LOL!

    Good luck on the training!

    1817 days ago
    If I may suggest - don't run with a top - if you must go for a longer jog bra.
    1817 days ago
    Before even reading the blog, my response was "yes you will." LOL
    I was just looking at my feet today and laughing to myself that they look and feel (to touch) the best they have in years. Of course, that's because I haven't run for over three months now. I miss my runner's feet.

    Lots of good thoughts here. I'm so enjoying following your journey. Thanks for consistently posting updates on your training.
    1817 days ago
    I second many of the thoughts here. And for the record, toe nails are over rated, lol. Girls only need them to paint and even then I've had friends paint the nail bed when they lose their toe nails. Good luck ;)
    1817 days ago
    First thought- you might need bigger shoes :-)
    Second thought- there is marathon running- as in a hobby and then there is the marathon experience... remember that people who run marathons, plug away at those miles day in and day out--- don't let them fool you. A couple Sparkers come to mind who I respect immensely- one logged 3660 miles, the other 2,200- just as an example. Oh and what about all the marathon maniacs? Who use one marathon as a training run for the next? A bunch of Sparkers come to mind-hehehe. Running a marathon for time and for fun are also 2 different races- so is running it at 110 pound or at 200--- basically, your marathone experience is your own and shoudl not be compared to anyone else- a marathon is a big deal for anyone- but for very different reasons- I always try to remember that for my own races. And yes, marathon running can be VERY FUN indeed! Just talk to Wendy--- she seems to run one every other week-LOL!
    1818 days ago
    I've had lots of nail issues from hiking as well -- just beware, they can take a long time to recover back to normal once they are damaged. So trying to avoid damaging them (eg wearing shoes that fit appropriately) is the best bet. Good luck.
    1818 days ago
    I don't know how many toe nails I have lost now, I lost count long ago. It starts with a blood blister or fluid build up under the nail, separates from the fluid, comes off, regrows and then repeat. I haven't had the problem lately, I think because my current pair of shoes fit better. The good news is that it should grow back and should not negatively affect your training or your race.

    Good luck, looking forward to hearing more about your train up and race!
    1818 days ago
  • IONA72
    I am no marathon runner but I have lost a big toe nail, no big deal it's growing back now. I think it is because my shoes were too tight. Since I have gone a size bigger than my street shoes things are a lot better.
    Good luck to you, hope you can enjoy at least some of the race!! emoticon
    1818 days ago
    Insane... yes us marathoners are a little insane. I never lost a toe nail. I sure hope that its not too painful
    1818 days ago
    You are Insanely awesome!!!
    1818 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    DSSECRETS has the same foot proportions as Catherine. She is in the process of losing her first nail! I also lace my shoes properly now...after being given good guidance from my running store. My Feetures socks help from sliding in my shoe as well.
    And Linda, I know all of us runners MUST have a little crazy in us. I know I do...and some!
    All the best on your training!
    1818 days ago
    Flared back -- sounds like there is fluid underneath the nail pushing it up. If that's the case, yes, you'll probably lose them. Sounds like your toes are bumping up against the top or end of the shoe as your foot swells. You may need to go up one size. Or it could be that your foot is sliding down into the shoe. I have to be careful about that because I have narrow feet and very narrow heels. I lace mine through both top eyelets to keep the top snug.
    1818 days ago
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