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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My daughter has taught herself to crochet, she has started making hats and scarves that are very diff. She made her hubby a bacon and egg scarf, a friend a carrot one, and another friend a cupcake one. She just finished the monster hat and I like the monkey hat so we modeled them for her. LOL here we are!

If it is sideways sorry, she sent it that way and I haven't a clue how to fix that!

So had a good day, pain probably 8 or more, then chiro and the table was great this time, I almost fell asleep. Thinking masssge and the strange happening was too much with chiro so soon after. So sore now but not as bad as before chiro and I so hope I sleep more this eve. We have been letting allie upstairs with us, but not sure if she misses her kennel as she doens't settle we and is waking me at 6:30. was 5:30 today but took her out to pee and back in. She didnt really rest after. So not sure if will put her back in her kennel but we want to get rid of it soon.

Okay off to drink my spinach and froz fruit, yog and almond milk. Hadn't gotten my 2 cups of greens or had my fruit or 1 dairy so figured that would cover it all. Had lots of veggies for supper.

Night all, hope I sleep and you guys do too.
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