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Odds And Ends

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today will be just odds and ends. I've been working hard all day, so there's not a lot to blog about (famous last words! emoticon) So here goes..in no particular order.

I took the freeway home last night. First time ever. It wasn't too bad. I got home a bit earlier then I normally do. About 5-10 mins earlier. But the thing is...driving the freeway home ups my MPG. So I can go longer on a tank of gas. I can't do that tonight. I'm meeting hubby at the Dr for his ultrasound (on his shoulder). emoticon

I got home to find hubby standing in the front yard. He was waiting for a guy to come give us an estimate on the work we need done in the yard. I dropped my stuff (purse and lunch backpack) off in the house and went outside to wait with him. The evening was mild and nice. We waited...and waited...and waited. I was going back and forth between in the house and outside. On one of my trips inside, the news on TV was talking about the International Space Station and how in 5 mins it would be visible in the skies over Las Vegas. So I hurried up back outside and told hubby. We both searched the skies overhead and sure enough..there it was. A tiny speck of light, moving NW to ESE. We watched for all of maybe 3-4 mins, until it faded out of sight. It was way cool! I did take a picture of it with my phone, it's the little white dot.

The guy finally showed up. he was a very nice guy. He had another guy with him, and they and hubby stood outside and talked for a long time (or at least it seemed like a long time!) I was going back and forth from inside to outside, trying to get dinner started, so we wouldn't be eating late. We finally ate about 7 or so. I made Bulgogi (Korean beef) over steamed rice. Then we had a cinnamon roll for dessert. By the time the day ended I was WAY over calories! Plus the beef was high in sodium, so my weight was up this morning. emoticon

Tonight we're having a pork loin roast. It's cooking in our new crock pot. The old one died. I'll make rice for hubby but will do some kind of tater for me. I like rice..just not for every meal! And a veggie...maybe corn on the cob. emoticon

I got an excellent workout in today! Since I worked though my first break...I took the extra 15 mins and did a whole hour on the treadmill. emoticon

OK..so I guess I've just about said it all...for now. Have a great rest of Tuesday!!

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