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The Music Box

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have a table with pictures on's sort of like a shrine at this point: the pictures all have their spot, I dust around them, they have been in the same spot since my mom placed them on that table 25 years ago with some additions made here and there, but in general, it is the same as it's intent is still intact, with the faces of our past looking back at us through another generation. It's neat really.

On the table are 2 statues - one of St. Francis (I think it is) and the other is the Virgin Mary...and Mary has a music box in it's teeny tiny base.

Leaning against Mary is a pic of my hubby as a baby that I put there when we moved into the house...and his communion picture is there as well...doing that made him an official part of the family history, I guess.

Well, the story of the music box is this: it is never is never wound intentionally... I couldn't tell you the last time I touched it... but sometimes, it plays.

When I am home alone, and walk by it to get to my piano, occassionally I will hear a few notes played... and funny enough, it is usually when I am in a ponderous mood.

The last 2 months, the music box has gone off more times that I can count... and it's never when the kids are running though the house, or when a door is slammed... it is always when I walk by.

So, after the second time of noticing it, I started to acknowledge it. Yup, I talk out loud to a music box. Why not? It's always going off when I'm thinking of something heavy....maybe it's a sign. So I thank it for brightening my mind, I thank the spirits around me, and I move on.

Today, I began to plunk out the song "Falling Slowly" from the movie/play "Once" - it's really a guitar/piano duet, but it's stuck in my head, so I youtubed and ituned the heck out of it...and figured to give it a shot...why not, never done that before, might as well give it a go right? And so I began.

Not a note from the music box at all when I walked by... wasn't expecting it really, since it's so random anyway.

I play a little, figure things out... go down fold some laundry... come back to it... run out to the store... come back to it. Real casual...and but I'm getting somewhere with it by ear and that is pretty neat. I'm happy.

This last time I sat down, I hear a little note from the music box. I said "why hello there!" out loud and chuckled and started playing.

The song is coming together nicely, much better than the hour before...I'm in the groove now.

And half way through, I even start to sing a little...and then the music box starts.

It's not the song from the box itself as if it's's more like it's stopping and starting along with the song I'm playing... sporadic, but fitting in here and there... and I hear it, but keep on playing, and by the end, maybe a full minute...the music box and I played a tune together.

It's the longest I have heard it stop and start like that since it began.. and when I was done playing, the music box was done playing too.

Weird right? totally!!!

But cool too... it's like I'm getting hugs from beyond... and who wouldn't want that?!? Especially now when I need a good hug from beyond.

Thanks guardian angels... I needed that today.

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