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Food porn

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So, this morning, after my run, I was stretching out and reading over a Women's Health magazine...why I was looking at a magazine while cooling down is beyond me. Maybe I thought if I channeled fitness model, I would get into a deeper, more meaningful stretch....I don't know. Who looks at a magazine while stretching? Clearly I do and in it was an article that really struck me on "food porn."

First, before I begin this tasty, tantalizing, delectable bit of writing, I have to make a statement about how nearly everything can be somehow connected to sex. The statement that sex sells really is evident here. That said, onto the juicy, the tasty, and the tempting.....bits of writing you are about to read ;) (I'm just getting in the mood ;)

This article was so spot on with regards to how food is portrayed and our OBSESSION with the sinful, flaky, salty, sweet, buttery, glistening over-sized morsels of food that graze magazine covers, advertisements, food packaging labels and social media. Now, I laugh for a moment because I like to eat clean and prepare my own food and I certainly do not picture a beautifully succulent, glazed and glistening, pork chop emulating sweet juices on the slice with a side of broccoli with a spat of butter sliding down the thick, delicious, tasty stalk...oh God--see how easy it is!!! I was going to say that these crazy, perfectly displayed images of food are not on the organic, grass fed pork chop I bought, but I assure that you would see this on a lean cuisine or some other pre-packaged meal. AND, you know when you nuke that micro-meal in your radiation infusing hot box that it NEVER comes out the way it is pictured! Just sayin' that should be CLUE number 1~

That's because it's all a gimmick, a ploy, and a business. Tempt you, tease you, draw you in with your eyes first that send messages of happiness to your belly screaming "EAT ME!" I mean, we take everything in with our eyes first and no one wants to look at your food as it is, we would much rather sensationalize it to sell it. Now, I'm not saying food can't be big, boastful and beautiful. I love a colorful plate of requisite delectable's cooked the way I like it, but what the food and advertising industry does to us is a minor robbery to our sensibility and a play off of our food-happy emotions.

The article highlighted that food sites used to be about recipes and now they are SO much about pictures. Look at Pinterest. Who goes on there for a recipe--you go on there to find something that looks indescribably good to make and the prettier the picture, the more seductive and mouth-watering, the more likely you will want to repin, like or follow the link. Crazy, right? If you eat with your eyes, then you are setting yourself up for a food fest just grazing the 'goods' that are out there. If you don't see it, you wont eat it..right? I mean, we can all pass on a piece of cake that never came into our sight scope, but tell me that it is not harder to resist when it is staring at you and taunting your will-power. Seriously.

I love seeing pictures of food. Does it make me more hungry or initiate hunger that wasn't there? Absolutely. Does it make me want a brownie, smothered in maple frosting, adorned with bits of smokey bacon and a chocolate ganache? Darn right! What I have learned is that it is such an exercise in will-power but I acknowledge that I have a GOOD relationship with food and that perusing these sites like Pinterest don't make me want to eat, but it makes me want to cook. I remind myself that seeing a super juicy burger pic doesn't mean I want that burger, but maybe A burger would be good and I go home and I am inspired to make it MY way.

I suppose there is a lot one could say about food marketing, food photography and food porn. But, my philosophy is that looking is harmless, as long as you keep it that way, acting is totally different ;) Right?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    See I love the other side of it: so many sites display unhealthy foods, so when I'm making something healthy and delicious, I love to set up the presentation and take photos of food that's beautiful and healthy. Of course, to me food porn is Food Network where I watch people cook incredible meals and wish I could be that good. Photos -- no matter how nice they are -- are less likely to inspire me to go out and eat than an episode of any decent cooking show.

    I suppose that because my connotations of the word "porn" itself aren't 100% negative, it makes it easier to be amused by it?
    1843 days ago
  • JAHAR929
    Bravo my friend!!! That is a tough thing to do.....I have moods where there is just no stopping it, I just have to make other smart decisions if I am going to indulge. Ugh brownie batter is a tough one!

    1844 days ago
    The last 2 times that I have been to Sam's Club I have managed not to buy the mega box of brownie mix even though I REALLY wanted to and stuck with the frozen veggies and turkey burgers. There is totally something to be said for will power.
    1844 days ago
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