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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello there!

Today has been an interesting day thus far. Went back to the doctor’s for my ear, only this time I went to see my primary doc instead of going back to a doc in the box. My ear is still infected and I still have fluid trapped behind my eardrum. It has been driving me crazy with pain and the added effect of being able to hear everything going on inside my head – like all the inside noises when I chew – ugh! I haven’t been sleeping well because it wakes me up at night, which makes me a boatload of fun during the day. I have never had an ear infection like this! The doc said if this round of new meds doesn’t clear it up, we’ll have to go the draining route. I am afraid to google that and find out what that entails, but my imagination is terrifying me.

We also found that my blood pressure was ever so slightly in the “prehypertension” zone today. My doc wonders if I have white coat hypertension from my anxiety (AKA your blood pressure going up at the doctor’s office because you are scared of… oh needles, like me). But she also suggested I try to monitor it more closely at home. Ummmm this scares me! Prehypertension?! I’m 26!!!! This really shook me up a bit and I definitely want to work at it. Anyone know of a good monitor to buy? And now for me to avoid becoming totally obsessive over checking those numbers… ugh.

My workouts have been pretty lax. My ear is a mess. I can’t use headphones and I’m sorry – I can NOT use a cardio machine without some sort of tunes or I lose my mind. When I start bouncing around, it must mess with the fluid behind my eardrum because it starts to hurt really bad even if I just take a walk down the hall. I am SERIOUSLY hoping the new meds I start tonight help. I need sleep and I need exercise! I actually WANT to exercise, which is like the oddest freaking Catch-22 ever. I am just trying to take care of myself, c'mon body!!!!

My eating has been slightly better. I had a networking lunch yesterday at an Italian place, and instead of getting pizza and fries like everyone else around me, I had half a veggie sub and a side salad. On Sunday I made an AMAZING chicken & veggie thai curry instead of BF and I being lazy and going out. Last night I made a Pinterest recipe that turned out amazing! I ate cauliflower buffalo poppers instead of wings or chicken tenders. I baked them in the oven and they turned out SO delicious! The texture ended up being sort of chicken-tender like in a weird way, and it was a surprisingly satisfying substitute. I cut up some carrots and celery with it, and at one point I found myself thinking “Oh good, I put veggies with this… uhhh wait, this is ALL veggies!” hahaha. THAT good!

BF made a good point the other night – I used to walk to and from work every day. I had to do a couple of blocks, no matter what, going to and from the metro. The afternoon walk was uphill too. Those bursts of exercise are gone now so I will definitely have to find some way to make up for them. Yikes!

My goal for the rest of the week: do SOME sort of workout the next three days, off on Saturday, and something on Sunday. Even if it is a workout video at home that is slow like pilates to try to work around this ear nonsense. And hopefully start to feel better! I’m also going to pack lunch and snack food all of those days and stick to the healthy food dinner menu. I am also going to go to PT tomorrow and hopefully find some improvements on that front as well.

Hope you all are having a great week so far! What is good in YOUR world?
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    Thanks for posting your thoughts on the buffalo cauliflower bites, I have been thinking of trying them. I hope that your meds work soon and you can get back on the workout track! But AWESOME job with ordering healthy while out, I have the hardest time with that!
    1845 days ago
  • SLEE103
    cauliflower buffalo poppers?! sounds weird but given your rave review I want to try them!! also chicken and veggie thai curry sounds good too!

    Sorry your ear is still giving you're absolutely right in that the water is swishing around causing the pain and discomfort and making it feel horrible to exercise or sleep, I remember how bad it is! I'm so sorry that sucks, wanting to work out, but keep that motivation going, you'll be better in no time!

    Also please don't stress about the prehypertension! You probably already know this but hyptertension can be caused by some meds, excessive salt, and high stress. Because you were so stressed for so long it may take some time to come down...but you're young! this is completely fixable!! just watch your salt and keep on exercising, I promise it will make a difference.

    keep it going my friend, small steps and improvements emoticon
    1845 days ago
    I hope the meds work on your ear and that you don't have to resort to draining it... whatever that entails. I'm afraid to look it up too! ^^;

    White coat hypertension is very real!!! My blood pressure always skyrockets at my health appointments because I get scared and it changes the readings. x_x I can't recommend any personal BP monitors personally, but a lot of drug stores, Targets, Walmarts, Krogers, etc. often have BP monitor stations free for use by the public. The main problem with them, though, is that you can never tell how well they're being maintained (i.e. if they're being calibrated regularly).

    P.S. LOVED your comment on my feed status--you're so funny! Hahaha... (On that note, mmm... handsome European men...)
    1845 days ago
    i hope your ear feels better .
    1845 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Concering the blood pressure, you can control the reading they get. I was told once when I younger and inshape that my blood pressure was high. A friend told me what I am sharing with you, go to whatever store near you has a working bp machine. Sit at the bp machine and think of something that makes you really angry and while in that angry state take a bp reading. You will see it is high. After the bp test take a few deep breaths, relax, think on something calming (for me it is walking on the beach at sunrise or sunset and looking at the water). Then take a bp test. You will be amazed at the difference.
    1845 days ago
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