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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If it's not working, try something else.

Simple. Logical. Easy. Easy? Hmm.....

In jotting a brief comment to Suz on a blog yesterday (can one actually 'jot' using a keyboard rather than a pen/pencil?) I mentioned that I had been blissfully offline over the weekend. A truer statement has not been made.. at least not in the last week or so. I tried, for a while, to be present and engaged here on Spark on the weekend, at least blogging and commenting on blogs, posts, etc. It all just started to feel like too much pressure, too high of a demand on my time, and so I took a step back. Then I tripped over a curb and nearly landed on my proverbial *ss.

Several of you helped stop me from throwing in the towel, throwing my hands up, tossing the baby out with the bathwater.. apparently my mind wants to play with cliches and colloquialisms this morning.

Anyway, you - my sistahs in sweat and stubborness and struggle - you helped. Fluttering around the edges of my mind were snippets of wispy thoughts -
Give up.
It's not going to work.
Embrace the fat.
Just be yourself, stop struggling.
Stop making yourself miserable.

Maybe I can blame still-lingering hormones. Maybe I can blame feeling pressured to do, to conform, in ways that seem pointless to me. Maybe I can blame it on a lot of things.

I enjoyed the three days offline, spending a good amount of time doing what makes me happy. If, by doing that, I happened to fulfill other obligations, then great. I didn't go out of my way to make things happen.

This.. and by this, picture me waving my hands around, indicating the all-encompassing 'everything'.. is p*ssing me off. It's nobody's fault but my own. Nobody can fix it but me. That's what I need to focus on, and that's what I'm going to do.

I was successful at the start of this year, losing bits and pieces of lbs consistently that added up. I recorded my weight and watched the patterns and understood that I'd gain a little before I'd lose a little more. I was happy with the pattern, and the progress. I've lost that momentum due to a variety of reasons and I need to return to those previous methods - looking back to figure a way forward. Simple, straight forward, no frills, no navel-gazing, no greater good.

Simple. Clean. Focus. Doing what works. That's my plan to keep moving forward.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ohh, I know what you mean. I've been so trying not to listen to my negative self talk the last couple of weeks (can't do this, too much work, have some fun, you'll never succeed). I think I thought it would get easier, or get done, or whatever. Yesterday, decided I needed to pull my big girl panties up and get on down the road. Back to 1/2 lbs and 1 lbs per week, by doing what I know works -- instead of smoking "hopium" that it will just happen.

    Stay the course!!!!!
    1819 days ago
    Wow Candy... I think you and I are in very similar places right now. It's kinda scary but also sort of a relief. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Sorry you're struggling; but I hope you know I'm here cheering from you!
    1820 days ago
    "Blissfully offline" -- perfect words! Sometimes the self-imposed responsibility to keep up is too much. As you know, I'm doing a little break from all of that. And then over the weekend it hit me that breaking away is a good thing if I ever want to have success without doing ALL of this. I don't know if that's a reality for me, but I know I can't sustain what I was trying to do and then feeling bad about not doing well.

    So do whatever you need for you! This is about YOU! I'm so grateful for any comments and support I get. And I couldn't have done it early one without the friendship and support around here, but I don't want anyone to every feel obligated to comment, thank me, give a goodie, or otherwise.

    Stupid hormones are the root of so much that is bad. (Maybe some good too, but still...) I hope at least that one variable settles down soon so you can more easily do your thing.

    All the best to you! You will get there!

    1821 days ago
  • KATI5668
    it is a daily focus...

    easier said than done..but so many success stories tell us it CAN be done...

    like the tortise keep you head down & keep moving...

    You Will Win!!!

    emoticon ... emoticon
    1821 days ago
    Recharge time is gold. Don't feel guilty about it.

    As for your plan.. it sounds like a good one. Simple is best... sometimes we (human beings in general) get in our own way too often! lol

    I'm doing a reboot myself.. ;)
    1821 days ago
    Is it necessary to be fully engaged everyday? I mean if you track your calories and your exercise you don't necessarily have to blog everyday or even interact. Everyone needs some down time to balance the encouraging you do for others. I beleive this whole battle we have with ourselves is about balance. And when you gained as much weight as we have...we lack it. It's not all or nothing...nothing in life is. It's about doing what you can handle, one step in front of another. And you will get to the top of the hill and see the amazing view of your life. You can do this Candy....don't give up! Eat healthy, go for walks/runs, and encourage others when you've got this!
    1821 days ago
    Yep - as this journey gets longer ( remember when SP told us the date we'd be *DONE* if we just stuck to the plan? *SNORT* - ha!) I have to remember:

    1. I come first - my program, my work, ME.
    2. Support others, but only after following rule #1 (see above)
    3. When it stops working, find a new way

    Do what you need to do to be successful Candy. Those who know you will support the steps you take to make yourself successful! Ultimately it's your journey - the rest of us are just a bit of extra fun along the way. Seize the day!

    1821 days ago
    A good plan and you can do it when you believe you and AND when you put the steps in place to achieve it.
    1821 days ago

    I know exactly what you mean - needing some recharge time - without loosing focus entirely. Distinguishing between 'loving yourself' and 'resigning yourself' - Balancing the need for challenge and the need for rest. It's all a part of being healthy.

    Thank you so much for your insight! I really hope you find yourself recharged by doing what works for you.

    1821 days ago
    Yes, we are our own worst enemy as well as our greatest motivator.....Good luck!
    1821 days ago
    Oh girl, this is my words in your blog. I'm so struggling. I keep fussing at myself but that seems to make me more stubborn. Not sure that's what I need at this moment.

    I'm right there with you. No wisdom from me to put here, jot or otherwise. I'm just trying to keep my head above water. That's about all I have at the moment.

    I'm cheering for you!

    1821 days ago
    I too struggle with finding time each day to log in, read, record, etc. And I'm terrible about blogging. I feel like I never have anything to write about and when I do I feel like it's all about the negatives. So I stay quietly in the background, focusing on what makes me happy.

    I agree with GetFit2Live, quitting is not an option. There's been more than one morning lately when I've just wanted to throw the towel in and then I remind myself that I'm doing this for me. I just keep taking it one day at a time, one challenge at a time and putting one foot in front of the other. So you'd better not quit or we'll both be in Portland to find you.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon


    1821 days ago
  • LISA01605
    Your blogs always hit home with me.

    Give up.
    It's not going to work.
    Embrace the fat.
    Just be yourself, stop struggling.
    Stop making yourself miserable.

    Are thoughts I have had on and off recently myself. I regrouped and I am back for another go round. It's a fragile peace though. I just started in earnest this week so uh, yesterday. If feels like a lot longer. I often remind myself that it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. You can do it, you have done it before. I remind myself of that all the time.
    1821 days ago
    I love SP, but I simply cannot spend a lot of time here these days. It's tough when you want to be there to encourage and support your friends, but ultimately you have to do what's necessary for YOU first. Do whatever you need to for yourself--online and offline. Keep testing, trying, changing things (after a reasonable period of trying something, of course) and you will make it. Quitting completely is not an option, however. Period. Okay, there is one thing you can quit: decide that you will quit quitting. Take a deep breath, step back, and tackle this one day, one challenge at a time. You can do this; just don't go AWOL here completely or I'll have to make a special trip to Portland to come find you!

    1821 days ago
    Persistence always wins. emoticon
    1821 days ago
    This was inspirational. You are on your way there. Don't give up on yourself.
    1821 days ago
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