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Tuesday 2/26 Surviving by the short thread...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hi all,

It was a long, long rough day. Nothing can say it better than that. I did what I needed to do, avoided people the best I could, and I have come home to rest the best I can with this body. Eating has been tricky because everything tastes like meds and yuck. I have minimal energy and the aches just keep at me from the top of my head to my thick, heavy chest all of the way to the tips of my toes. My neck hurts a great deal at this moment, but if it lets up--something else will take its place.

I have napped off and on in 1-2 hour periods all evening. I wake up coughing and choking and my voice is pretty much gone. I canceled physical therapy on Monday and couldn't reschedule on Tuesday because I have an appointment for a bladder scan after school. My Tuesday is wrapping up badly from the beginning--I have to be there at 7:15 for another early morning meeting followed by my day at door duty. Then my schedule was disrupted by changes in the PE and music times for the older kids to have an uninterrupted block of time to take the ISAT, our state;s big standardized test this week. The deal is that nobody gave me the schedule so I get to just guess at which students will be available for me to teach or not.

All I want is to feel better and I don't know how long that is supposed to take. If I don't have a sense of that by Wednesday after the antibiotics are completed, it will be time to call my doctor again. I may do that tomorrow anyway because I found a message on the phone from his nurse that seemed to be dated Saturday. He doesn't work on Saturdays, so I want to find out if they called and what they may have wanted--especially since I called them on Friday and they were the ones who sent me to the ER. I am not sure when he would have gotten that report. He diagnosed me with pneumonia last year around this time and called me day after day for about a week, begging me to go to the hospital. I am wondering if this is more of that kind of thing. I don't know what they can do for me that I am not doing--I know that not being in the hospital allows me to take my pain meds as I need them instead of on somebody else's schedule. It is important to remember that my usual issues still exist and this may big, but it hasn't eliminated my arthritis pain nor my shoulder issues or the stiffness and pain in my right knee.

Life could be better, but I am trying hard to manage. I'd like to feel happier right now. That would be glorious, but oddly enough at 2:43, I am feeling a bit hungry. I think I'll go look for something with vitamin C and/or protein. If I am hungry, I believe I need some important nutrients.

Have a good day--I am praying for something better to happen for myself today. I want to be me--taste like me, feel like me, walk like me, and just be me.

That is my revised goal for the present. I'll be back to normal sometime and I will be that way without a body full of meds.

Gentle hugs from me to you--as we wait for the next blizzard due to start here around 6 AM!
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    Hope you are on the road to recovery. I perfectly understand about not wanting to go to the hospital. You are at others mercy in the hospital. At home at least you have more control over what you take when you take it and eat what you want wheny ou want it. Usually have to have broken bones requiring surgery or am unable to move at all because of back. I can rest at home. Hugs and prayers are coming your way Pat
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    1819 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Ironically if the situation were with me, I would be quite happy to go to the hospital, as not only would my medicines all be free and given to me on my schedule, I would be well looked after, being given my meals, any personal care I needed, and most important, not expose any of my loved ones to my illness. Each time I have had to go into the hospital I am interviewed about everything I take, and when. I was constantly asked if I was in any pain and if so, the reponse would be immediate to get me something. You really shouldn't even be around anyone with this, especially not a public place like a school.
    I don't know how you are even managing to stay upright. This is a double whammy on top of your current pain issues. I wish I could give you the immunity I seem to have from catching anything viral. I simply never get sick that way, not even a lowly cold. The flu shot was pretty much useless for everyone anyway this year -Health News said only 9% of it was effective -yikes! They have had some good and interesting articles in that column, I always enjoy reading through them.
    I thought I was going to string a few days off from Wed to Sun, but alas, I have to do month end Friday and play with a lady whose game I nearly forgot :( At least I will have a little time anyway. We had a small snow dump, but the temperatures are not supposed to be too bad for the next while anyway. But of course, around here that could change overnight :P.
    Take care of yourself,
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1821 days ago
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    1821 days ago
    I have been sick since january 24 so I can relate to your frustration. This viral stuff that is going around it very virulent this year and hardly anyone had ny immunity, especially people my age. I am doing what I can though to help boost my immunity. I am sending prayers for you to have a speedy recovery.
    1821 days ago
    emoticon emoticon your in my prayers.
    1821 days ago
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