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Against my Better Judgement...

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm going low(er) carb for the rest of this week....Well, until weigh-in on Saturday anyway. I decided it was my last ditch effort to make a run for the title of Biggest Loser or at least being top 2. Whatever happens, I'll resume my normal healthy eating after this week. I just know low-carb usually means a nice initial weight loss that may help me this week.

In theory, I agree with eating lower carb but in reality it's not sustainable for me as evidenced by my regaining all the weight I lost when I did South Beach about 10 years ago. Praise God I was able to find a sustainable method for eating healthier and have been doing that for most of the last 4 years. I went a little nuts with overeating and bad food choices for awhile in 2009 and regained some weight, but now I'm back on track and heading back toward my goal weight range.

I have decided NOT to do the 4 week add-on to the contest. I think it will give me a much needed rest from the pressure of making sure I was doing all the"stuff" that went along with the contest. I will still be at the gym 4-5 days a week and I'm even gonna try martial arts next month, so it's not like I'll be slacking. I just want to enjoy more family time and actually get to see my DD do gymnastics since it ran at the same time as our mandatory group workouts on Saturdays.

I think once I reach my goal weight range, I may even treat myself to some personal training with one of the instructors I really like. She's kinda my role model for this process. She looks amazing-not skinny but built-but had to work hard to get there. I'd just love to pick her brain and get her thoughts on how to achieve and maintain that kinda body. I think I could get there by the end of this year if I stay focused.
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