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It's 5:30 PM and I'm Out of Calories for the Day

Monday, February 25, 2013

The last week or so I've been strangely unhungry and trying desperately to figure out why. First I thought it was the eggs and whole grain english muffins I started eating. Hey! Eggs have protein and fat and are generally fine in moderation. Then one day I didn't have time for eggs so I ate a protein bar and an apple. Still not that hungry all day. Hmm. This is weird. This morning the first thing I ate was a banana, followed by an english muffin with light butter, plain greek yogurt and blackberries with a tsp of honey.


So what changed? BANANAS.

I only eat bananas that are still slightly green. The sickly sweet flavor of bananas with brown spots makes me feel sick to my stomach. Last week, the only bananas I could find at the three stores I shopped were already beginning to brown, so I didn't buy any bananas. SO ALL LAST WEEK I DIDN'T EAT BANANAS AND I FINISHED EVERY NIGHT EASILY UNDER MY MAX RANGE.

The week before that? I was constantly struggling to stay under my max range. What did I eat every morning for breakfast? BANANAS.

I mean, what the hell is up with that? I don't want to give up bananas, I like them, but if eating them in the morning is going to make me so hungry I go over my calories every day, I don't know what to do. Perhaps I should save them for dessert?

It's now 5:30 PM and I have 56 calories left. This makes me SAD. =( I've done so well this week with calories. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I cheated and checked today and it was not the direction I was hoping for. I've eaten a lot of sodium today and I don't anticipate tomorrow's weigh in being good. I'm really stressed about it, I know it will go back down soon, but I AM annoyed by the banana thing. I've gotten used to eating bananas for breakfast! The only thing I can think of is it's too big a dose of sugar for me in the morning. I need to stick to savory breakfast foods or oatmeal.

On a more positive note I believe the cream and ointment I was prescribed are starting to work, but I actually am beginning to doubt I really have a tinea infection. By the way, my doctor said TINEA, but do you know what tinea is?! RINGWORM. There are forms of eczema (discoid/nummular) that can resemble ringworm, so it's often misdiagnosed as ringworm. Luckily I am on both hydrocortisone and an anti-fungal. The insides of my elbows definitely seem to be clearing up, which was where I had it the mildest. My left elbow looks and feels totally normal now. My right elbow has slight color and feels a touch rough, but is definitely improved, so hopefully this is representative of healing over the rest of the breakout.

Deep breaths, Andrea. Tomorrow will be day one of The Banana Experiment. No banana for breakfast. Banana for dessert!! HAHA! I WILL CONQUER YOU EMPEROR CAVENDISH!

(Yes, yes, I know, I'm crazy.)

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    yeah, try switching it to an evening snack and see what happens
    1824 days ago
    Maybe it's the potassium boost in the bananas that make you feel hungry later? (revin up the energies or something scientific...LOL)

    I love bananas with a tsp of peanut butter on it. YUM have that after dinner snack and it's supposed to help with blood sugars during the night. so, there ya go!
    1824 days ago
    I agree with the others, you're a smart one so if you think it's the morning bananas then switch it up. I like the banana ice cream too, with a spoon of cocoa or p.b. Knowing that is a treat at the end of my day keeps me from being tempted by any other unplanned opportunities for sweets before then.

    Don't stress about your weigh-in. I know the recent arrival to onederland has you hooked on the scale, but it really does take too much of our joy when we concentrate on the weekly number when we KNOW we've been having a good week and building awesome habits. You're DOING THIS no matter what the scale says.

    And I think you're a good crazy.
    1824 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    It could have been a coincidence. I often have a 'hungry' day where I have my calories eaten by evening. It doesn't seem to matter what I have eaten earlier.

    Or else maybe have the banana later in the day!

    Best of luck figuring it out.
    1824 days ago
    I pretty much only eat bananas as "banana ice cream" in the evening if I have calories left. I almost always have it after Zumba, still sweaty in my gym clothes. The only thing that gets me up the hill on the walk home after Zumba is knowing I am inches away from banana peanut butter ice cream.

    I normally eat oatmeal and apples in the morning, and when I have to eat something else, like a Kind Bar, it throws off my whole day--bottom line, don't fix what already works.
    1824 days ago
    I hate bananas - and thank you for writing this as makes me feel good about it (always felt so bad about all the vitamins and minerals was avoiding etc)....
    1825 days ago
    I like frozen banana slices as a snack or a dessert. They are yummy that way!

    1825 days ago
  • DAWNESS0404
    I put my banana in my oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. The oatmeal makes me really full and a lot of times I dont even have a mid morning snack. You might want to try that. I wouldnt want to give up bananas either. emoticon
    1825 days ago
    that s*** is bananas, B-A-N-A....

    sorry, couldn't resist
    1825 days ago
    I also like my bananas slightly "underdone". Spots are icky. So are too soft bananas....*shudder*. I like to get small bananas, too. Soemtimes all you see in the store are those huge ones almost a foot long! I like to thinly slice a small banana into my oatmeal before I zap it in the microwave. Along with the cinnamon, it's like a healthy alternative to banana bread...yum!
    1825 days ago
    Don't worry, I had ringworm before (thank you high school wrestling mats) and it goes away pretty easily.

    What about moving your banana to another time? I usually eat a small banana after a workout or as a night time snack.
    1825 days ago
    Before you give up on bananas completely, try halving the banana and putting half of it in the freezer. You can use the frozen ones for smoothies or to mash up and add some cocoa powder to for a neat little dessert. Usually a whole banana is too much for me too unless I'm on my way to a workout. They are a great natural energy boost! Stay strong! Tomorrow will be fine :)
    1825 days ago
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