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Weigh in #8 & Weekend Eats

Monday, February 25, 2013

This past week was what I would call a “Meh” week. I worked out a little bit less than I should and I ate a few more calories than I should. I only worked out twice this week and I did yoga once. I also ate on average over 2,000 calories every single day last week.

I was completely stumped on what my body was going to do. I had not the slightest clue and I was quite nervous when I got on the scale. Lets just say I was pretty shocked when I had a significant loss.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “My body is so weird!”

It’s totally random that that the last few times I’ve worked out less and eaten more I’ve had pretty good losses. These are the weeks that make me nervous and I never know what’s going to happen and yet I keep losing. I'm putting down big numbers for me.

I keep toying with the idea of upping my calories and working out less but that makes me really uncomfortable. Also, I’m not sure if these weeks are just a fluke or anomalies. I keep debating.

Any thoughts or opinions on whether I should try this?


Starting Weight 2013: 217.8
Last week's weight: 211.2
Current Weight: 207.8 (-3.4)
2013 Weight Loss: -10 (Woo hoo! I finally hit my first ten pound loss in 2013!)
Total Weight Loss: -25.2

Now onto my weekend eats!

Breakfast: I was completely out of everything on Saturday morning (milk, bread, eggs, waffle mix). Those are pretty much our usual go to foods for the weekend. We had to make a Trader Joe’s run so I suggested getting fast food for breakfast. I should have planned what I was going to have before we got there. Rich ordered the bacon, egg, cheese bagel (no sauce) meal and it sounded so good I ordered the same thing. Even though I know there is no reason I should be eating fried potato in the morning. Blah!

Lunch: We had a gift certificate for this sports bar by my house and we decided to eat there. Well again, I did not pre-plan. I could have easily looked up the menu and decided on what I was going to get beforehand but nope that is not what I did. Rich and I were also cranky by the time we got to the restaurant since we were both so hungry. I was hungry and tired from not getting enough sleep and from just finishing my workout so when he suggested we start with the appetizer sampler I could not agree fast enough. Big mistake! Then for my meal I ordered a burger and fries. Bit mistake again! My only consolation is that I only ate half my burger and fries. Small victory.

Dinner: We both weren’t feeling too good at this point because of all the junk we ate for lunch so we opted for pb&j sandwiches for dinner. We just wanted something small.

Workout: 45 minutes of my cardio dance DVD. This was not a stellar workout. I felt sluggish and tired and I'm sure the food I chose to eat was the culprit. I was sort of disappointed in my workout until I remembered this:

True so very true!

Total Calories: 3,363 (Omg, soooo wrong!)
Calories Burned: 351

Breakfast: Vanilla chai waffles with light syrup, two morning star breakfast patties and almond milk to drink.

Lunch: I had two servings of spicy Thai chicken coconut soup over left over quinoa and iced tea. Coach Nicole hit it out of the park with this recipe. It wanted to lick by bowl, it was that good.

Snack: Berries with light whipped cream

Dinner: Rich’s Famous turkey meat loaf (famous probably only in my mind. It's so delicious especially because he stuffs it with smoked gouda cheese, yummy!) & spicy baked sweet potato fries with ketchup

Snack: 1 oz smoked gouda while I helped Rich cook dinner.

Treat: McDonald's Ice cream cone. Worth every single calorie!

Total Calories: 2,240 (Sundays I generally try to stay around 2,200 so this is near perfect.)
Workout: None, Sunday is my rest day!

Note to self: Just because it’s the weekend does NOT mean it’s a free for all. You still need to make smart decisions and plan and prepare before you go out to eat. Also, you already know you don’t make the smartest/healthiest decisions when you are super hungry so make sure you have a snack even if you are going out to eat. Next time just say no to the appetizer unless it’s soup or salad. There is no need for so much fried foods which are most appetizers. You are an individual and do not need to get something just because Rich gets it or agree to order something you don’t want to order or did not plan for.
(Is it weird I blog to myself in 3rd person?)

My motto for next weekend: Prepare, plan and succeed. PPS

Motivational Monday:

I need to ask myself this especially on the weekends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love that you posted pictures of your food even when it wasn't the best choice of foods for the day. this proves that you are comitted to tracking and staying on track even when you have a day off or a "ooooh sooo wrong" day lol. one day at a time. one choice at a time. thats what healthy living is all about. moderation. you're doing great!!
    1820 days ago
    That Thai soup looks super yummy! Congrats on another loss!
    1821 days ago
    Half burger and fries = BIG WIN!
    I've heard other people talk about losing when they eat more and work out less, but i don't think it lasts, do you? I think you should talk to yourself in the third person more often:)
    1821 days ago
    1822 days ago
    Also, I know you make a lot of waffles.. Do you have a batter recipe you use? Or is it a brand?? I need to get me a waffle iron.
    1822 days ago
    Wow, that's a great loss! Sometimes we just have to shock our bodies a bit. emoticon
    1822 days ago
  • RAIN454
    Wow. 3.4lb loss in a week?!! I can't even lose in a month these days. So proud of you and you still eat GOOD food! But i see how you portion control and thats definitely the trick. Congrats on the 10lb loss! YOu deserve it! I want some smoked gouda!
    1822 days ago
    Woo hoo! Awesome loss my dear! That is excellent. =) It is so strange to me how our bodies are weird. Last week, I blew through all 49 of my weekly points, and probably some of my Activity Points, and I had a 2 pound loss. Then there are weeks I eat only half the 49 and NO APs, and have a tiny @$$ loss. I don't get it. I wish someone was an expert on why our bodies do what they do!

    I'd say you had a pretty awesome week!! Keep up the amazing job girl! Oh and our weights are basically the same! :) Yay!
    1822 days ago
  • ANGIE121
    OMG i loved your blog! I have been sitting here at work beating myself up because last 2 weeks I've been on point counting every calorie and waking out lost 5 pounds...then this weekend came and ugh...lesta just say didnt count anything and overate and no workout....this is usually when i give up and just say o well I'm just going back to my old BAD habits....I decided when i got to ur not going back to ur old habits ...u had a off i started today strong worked out...ate great and will continue to do so until i get to my goal...I loved ur blog and thank u for sharing!
    1822 days ago
    Sounds like an ok weekend to me. I can't wait to get some cooking done this week! Keep it up. You are doing wonderfully!!
    1822 days ago
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