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Frustration Buster

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ok- first the whining.

Ive felt sooo hungry lately. Nursing is tough stuff that way. But even still, Ive been eating within the calorie range that should supposedly create a deficit with the exercise Ive been doing. Yet in the past two weeks not a single ounce has budged. :/

What gives?

This wouldnt be so bad, except that I've heard from some that if you don't loose the pregnancy weight within 6 months yadayada you are statistically more likely never to loose it.

How frustrating is that?? I've been working my butt off, while also playing smart (like not cutting too many calories so to preserve milk supply and baby care energy- but I still have 15lbs to go at 4 months.

Again, I really would be ok with that, if there wasn't this 'pressure-cooker' feeling about it, like I need to hurry up and get it off.

Well back to the past two weeks. Ive been feeling markedly more hungry and did eat more than I had been, but should still theoretically have been creating a deficit.

So what do I do from here?

1. Make sure Im being honest accurate. I want to make sure that Im not underestimating my calories nor over estimating my exercise. This is will mean that I need the extra accountability of measuring portions.

2. Drink more water- maybe all that 'hunger' is thirst from nursing, could save me a few calories.

3. Keep plugging! While the math may be all correct, my body isnt a machine, ESPECIALLY since Im nursing. So Ill just give myself more time and trust the program. :)

4. If after all these measures Im still not loosing, Ill try cutting back an additional 100 calories.

Ok, thats my action plan!
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