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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are you finding your get up & go has got up & went? I am ready for spring & in need of a motivation shipment-asap!

1-Beat the Blahs by adding some Zest to your routines. Boredom is a sure fire way to douse our motivation! Try something different-brainstorm new & different ways to keep things fresh.
Think outside the box...

2. Name your Goal.

You might lack motivation because you don't have a clear and realistic goal. When you know exactly what you’re working towards, you’ll have an easier time feeling motivated to get yourself there. Summer may seem like it will never come-but it will-do you want to be beach ready?

3.Be Accountable to Someone~

Focus, accountability, support, and a sense of achievement are essential components lasting success. It’s important to evaluate your progress continuously and sometimes having a non-judgmental and supportive partner to help you stay on track can make all the difference!

4. Keep your thoughts Positive.
Negative thinking and a lack of motivation go hand in hand. You can increase your motivation by focusing more on positive self talk and thoughts. Actively replace your negative thoughts with feelings of optimism and positivity.

5. Just do it!
We need to get over the need to “feel motivated” and just take action. You’ll find that when you actually start to move forward your sense of motivation will increase. And when you begin to see yourself accomplishing your goals and feeling successful, your motivational level rises.

6. One Monkey at a Time

If you don't feel motivated to work toward your major life goals, avoid feeling overwhelmed by breaking your goals into smaller parts Do you remember the game "Barrel of Monkeys"? The object was to link together the longest chain - but we can only do it a monkey at a time.

Sending a barrel full of monkeys to liven things up & remember to...

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