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Grocery Shopping & My Thoughts on What I Buy

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I finally felt well enough to get groceries yesterday. I'm feeling much better but still dealing with lots of coughing and congestion that won't go away. I made it a point to get to Sam's Club (finally) to get some Sudafed since they have the better price per how many you get in a package. It always makes me feel "weird" but it seems to work well, and with all 4 of us dealing with this crazy sickness, the little bit we had on hand was gone in no time.

I was very conservative with my grocery buying as it's always a challenge to buy things that my family will eat and not get tired of the very next day. They are a bit picky and with this sickness I was lucky that I was able to salvage some items that were just sitting in the fridge unused.

I really hate throwing out food that I have paid for, no matter how cheap I am able to purchase it. So my thinking when I went shopping was this: Not only was I going for cheap (with coupons and sales) foods, I was also going shopping for things that I would be able to eat if my family didn't.

There are things that they like, but as I mentioned, it will be adverse to them according to their mood. I've learned to not fall for certain loves of items I have bought them because I will find a great sale and have great coupons and then find they are now suddenly so-so about it. Very difficult to save money that way, LOL. I'm weird compared to them because I can eat certain foods over and over every single day for years and not get tired of it. Case in point, a natural peanut butter spread over a toasted whole wheat bagel. I have had days where I ate it for 3 meals in one day, LOL.

So yesterday I focused on mostly healthy foods and bargains according to my sales flyers comparisons and years of shopping in this particular area of the U.S. expertise, LOL.

I bought a huge 10 pound bag of California navel oranges for $7. They were huge themselves (not just the bag, LOL) and I have been craving them for months. I also got my huge containers of Chobani Greek yogurt (plain) there for $4.68, the very yummy frozen Normandy-type vegetables (Sam's Club brand) that I love. They are 4 large individual bags of cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli that just seem to taste fresher and better than other brands I have bought in the past. Sometimes I buy things even if I have no coupon and am not at a double coupon store, but love the item and the price is good and the food is healthy.

There is a hole in the wall mom and pop grocery store near me that I bought a tub of Augusta's Premium pimento cheese at for $1 a tub. This stuff Is awesome and has real cheddar cheese and not Velvetta. I can't make it that cheap and can I say being a southerner that it is divine! I did some research and found out that it is made in Charlotte, NC so it's a local item for sure. I've never heard of it because I believe it is only sold at Harris Teeter and our HT left my county and the county over from me.

I loved the price too and will probably go back and buy a few tubs at that price. I found a similar one in my area at Sam's Club called Palmetto Pimento Cheese (it's made in Pawley's Island, SC) and it is the bomb! It's slightly less than $4 a tub and is also real cheese and heavenly!

We southerners are mad about our pimento cheese and I portion it out when I use in carefully measured tablespoons on my toasted whole wheat bagels! emoticon I saved myself some money though with the other brand I found for just a $1 and was as tasty but way cheaper.

I got some marked down Perdue Italian chicken strips (plus had $1 coupons) at Lowe's Foods and also some Jello sugar-free pudding cups. Yeah I know I can make my own, but it was on sale and I had coupons that were doubled and I feel like I'm pampering myself when I get those little single-serve containers of things. I normally buy large containers and measure it out, so it's nice sometimes to just grab and go without having to measure as life gets super busy.

It's not the healthiest thing in the world either, but a girl has to have some "junk food" sometimes, LOL. I love that it fulfills my sugar tooth and only at 60 calories.

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    The Augusta's brand of pimento cheese had 130 calories for 2 tablespoons. I use just 1 tbsp. on my bread as the cheese is SO FLAVORFUL that you get a great taste of it, so not really bad at all.
    1848 days ago
    I'm thinking that sounds awesome melted on rye crisps...Ohhh, but not a low cal food.
    1849 days ago
    Carolyn, make sure you get a good brand if you try it already made in the store. Something like Augusta's or Palmetto brand is very good. Don't get the one that has processed cheese on the list of ingredients.

    I grew up on Ruth's, but it's honestly not that great. You can make your own though easily with just those 3 ingredients I mentioned in my first reply.

    It's really a spread, but some people put it on a hamburger, on a baked potato, etc. although I've never done that.
    1849 days ago
    Well pimento cheese is nothing more than sharp cheddar cheese grated or shredded, mayonnaise (preferably Duke's mayonnaise if you can find it), and pimentos (or jarred red peppers that are brined). No salt (the cheese has plenty) is needed.

    You just have to have the right amount of each ingredient to make it so it's not too dry or too "saucy". It's always been a favorite of mine and you can make your own easily.

    Don't use mayo that has sugar in it like Miracle Whip. Most southerners either put it on bread (I personally like crunchy bread so I toast mine and then put my pimento cheese on it), Wheat Thins or other crackers, on celery (spread in the little channels of the celery), etc.

    It is also great if you make it in a frying pan like you do a grilled cheese sandwich. Yummy!!!!
    1849 days ago
    Yes, I'm with Skirnir! What is pimento cheese and what does one do with it? I love to try new foods, but I don't think I can get that here in Chicagoland. I'm thinking if we go south on vacation, that is the first thing I want to try, as you seem so ebullient about it!
    1849 days ago
    Can you explain this pimento cheese thing to non southerners? I just moved from Wisconsin to Tennessee and keep seeing pimento cheese in the grocery store and saw pimento cheese sandwiches on a local dinner for those who need it menu. What exactly is pimento cheese? Should I just try it sometime?
    1849 days ago
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