Day 426 - M

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Had a great day. It was warmer, the snow & slush did melt - but everywhere it's a muddy mess. Went on the hiking trail this morning, while it was still frozen and did a couple of circuits with Jetta. She loved it. Then later, decided Jetta could use a big socialization session so loaded her up in the Subaru and headed into Nashville (Indiana) to mingle with the tourists & their dogs. They always bring their dogs when they walk around. Jetta did real well, didn't become aggressive with any of the dogs she saw and was fine with all of the strangers. Sometimes when we're hiking in Brown Co. State Park she goes crazy when she sees people coming or going on the trail in the woods. She's been dog aggressive at times too, so I felt she really needs more exposure to new experiences involving dogs & people she doesn't know. I was so happy with her progress today.

Then a short time after that I took Jetta to the Park to do some some serious cardio walking on the blacktop. It was the only place I could think of to walk where it wouldn't be wall to wall mud. The trails would've been impossible. We did have a real good workout. Got in 9.56 miles. Also did a ST session tonight - core; lower body.

Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope you had a fabulous, active Saturday!! emoticon emoticon
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