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Saturday, 2/23/13

Saturday, February 23, 2013

And thanks to some great Spark Friends that reminded me that once my raging hormones were leveled out I would kick into "organize mode" and to stop living in the land of "should do." They were right!

This morning I awoke to find snow, which I found was really more like ice once driving, but I put my gym clothes on and headed out about 7 a.m. I got a good workout in and it felt great after missing over an entire week. I then went to pick up my fruits and veggies and then went to the grocery store. Once home I got all of that put away, cleaned up from the gym and then headed to the nutrition store and office store to buy a couple items (had to wait until they were open).

Before I left I texted the hubby with a job list for the kids to begin on once they came home. (Dorothy.... the organization kicked in big time this morning!) I decided this was my "to do" list at home for today so I could have Sunday off to work on my bible study:

1) sweep floors (I did this before the family got back from grandpa's.)
2) change bed linens (done with everyone's help)
3) clean bathrooms (Maegann helped)
4) dust electronics (Maegann did this)
5) straighten bedrooms (kids did their individual rooms)
6) prepare dinner (done by 1 p.m.)
7) clean the aquarium (I did this after I had dinner put together)
8) do 4 loads of laundry (my task that was ongoing throughout the entire day)
9) do some online ordering of grocery items (done)
10) take the homemade timeline characters off the hall timeline (Maegann did this for me)
11) laminate the timeline characters (might do this tonight during Lawrence Welk)

I could not have put this list in place yesterday or considered that I could possibly get through even a portion of the tasks! I am so thankful that I've leveled out, the depression and emotions are gone and I'm feeling so much better even with those lovely TOM aches.

I finally got some photos uploaded from my camera so will share some of the things I normally would have been doing all week long.

Here are Maegann's three Build-a-Bears. The one without clothing is the first one she did the beginning of the month as our birthday gift to her. They just make you smile.

I didn't take any photos myself at presentation night but grabbed this one off a co-op mom's Facebook of a scene from the play. It was about Lazarus. Isaac is near the bottom of the photo waiting to go back out as the director of the play even though nobody really knew what he was doing.

We were to bring the artwork home that was displayed by their teacher. Here are some of Isaac's creations. This one is a pumpkin they worked on for quite some time.

And this project was to draw their favorite dessert. Isaac made all sorts of pies and not all were a dessert.

This one Kristen (the teacher) had to sit right next to Isaac to complete because his cutting skills are not detailed. (Can't coordinate using right and left together.) I thought these mirror image cuttings were interesting.

I snapped this one this morning before I filled up the gas tank. No wonder I was feeling like I was living in the van this week! 206 miles since Monday morning! That's a lot as I wasn't going huge distances. Just going every day several times each day.

While I was putting groceries away the hounds were posing so nicely for photos I couldn't resist. Here's Ellsworth:

and Jolie.

The "Winter into Spring 5%" challenge officially took off today.

I hadn't participated in this one for awhile as I somehow got slipped off the Butterfly list and didn't catch it myself until it was too late. I inquired again and was able to be placed on the Daisy team. Since I love bassets and this little guy looked so cute with the field of daisies it will be my "logo" for this challenges updates. I will post my weigh-in on Thursday's as I'm used to that one with my BL challenge team. I just need to get used to posting my flight miles (exercise minutes) each day on the team thread. Go Daisies!

Team Emerald is currently ready for the BL Spring Challenge that will begin in a few weeks.

We just had our final Winter weigh-in on Thursday. I was hoping for a better number for the weight loss, but am happy that I've consistently kept the exercise numbers fairly decent for me and I made some life changes with the soda and night snacking during this challenge.

Tomorrow we are going to a different church in the morning (the one we used to attend before Maegann was born) as our church is having a combined Sunday School and church in the gym so we figured it was a good day to go see our other church family. We will also get home earlier which would be nice as Isaac needs to do more work on his last challenge passage for bible quizzing. Tomorrow is the last chance to say them before the final meet which is on March 16. Ready for that to be done as it frees up a couple hours on Sunday's again for us. Will also be nice for me to be home earlier so I get more bible study time accomplished. And of course it is Amazing Race night...always a highlight! We'd love to do the Race ourselves.

Again, another day where measurements really weren't needed other than for the salad dressing. At least my mind was there today!

It is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God and made Him my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works. (Psalm 73:28)

Trust in Him. It isn't wrong to feel anger, but you must quickly realize you have no reason to hold on to anger against God, the One Who knows what is best for you. Don't let a "spiritual roadblock" keep you from trusting Him.
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