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Saturday, February 23, 2013

lately I've been struggling to stay in my range because of late night midnless eating, because I don't eat enough, especially enough protein, during the day, or enough after a workout to properly recover. so I've been working with that.
I weighed myself yesterday, and was more or less what I had guessed (to keep my calorie range on track with my weight loss, and also so as to not report too many burned during activity). I was 1 lb heavier, but, to be fair, when I weighed myself regularly it was first thing in the morning in my pjs, so I figure I was probably right. and if I wasn't, I was probably still eating the right amount.
This is a weight I have been in mid-October (2012) last March (2012), last October-December (2011) and July (2009). It is my nemesis. In July 2010 I brought it to my "ideal" that was unmaintainable for me with WW. And then I tried to lose with another online site, with WW, and exercise. I think I was honestly too stressed (personal problems) and I was also taking medication that conflicted with weight loss to make it work. Because I was being very very very conscientious for at least part of that! Then naturally I gave up. And then I had an unfortunate living situation, which made it actually impossible to lose weight.
Moral of the story: stress. Deal with it. Health issues. Deal with them. If you don't, you won't lose. Not to mention that they affect much more than just weight loss!
Now. I am on the final 5 lb countdown. I am in the part of my cycle where I gain a bit, but I don't want to have that define me. It is about being in a cycle that is 5 lb lower than where I'm at now. And recognizing that I can still eat sweets, and drink, and eat fried food here. Just in moderation. Moderation. Moderation. That is the key to success here, and elsewhere in life!

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