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The Aftermath

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The snow storm took everyone by surprise. We knew the forecast for rain that might turn to snow but the snow just hit and hit hard. I’ve heard from several different people about how it took hours to drive a short distance. One woman was concerned for her nephew who had to stay in another town because he couldn’t get home. A friend was in Sonora when the snow started there (and it got there first). As he and his wife drove up the Priest Grade, he saw several vehicles off the road. Both old and new Priest Grade roads were closed at the same time. Very unusual.

So, my incident was only one of many the other day. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, the sky was blue with a few clouds. The sun started melting the snow right away. When I first walked out of the house, the taxiway was covered with snow. By mid-day, it was almost clear.

6.5" the next morning:

the morning after:

looking east on the taxiway outside our back entrance:

Dan ended up leaving Livermore earlier than he’d said he would. He called me about 10:30 and said he was in Big Oak Flat. (Friends there put his motorcycle inside for him). He decided that was as far as he wanted to try traveling by motorcycle since the road between there and here had a lot of cold, shady spots where there could be ice. So, it was up to me to use our little 4WD pickup to come get him.

That was a good story all on its own. He told me to turn the hubs on the front wheels and use the 4WD gear (2nd position) to get the truck up our driveway and to the road. Our driveway is steep and was covered in snow. The Ranger is old (1985) and needs time to warm up. So I went out and started scraping snow off the windows. Also had to get the ice off the window wipers. I did get the thing running and warmed up enough to keep running. Then I tried tackling the driveway.

The first time, I got about ¾ of the way up and the truck started sliding sideways toward the ditch. So I stopped. Now what? OK, back up onto the one clear spot, try to get some traction and go FASTER! That didn’t work either. Oh, wait, maybe I should put the regular transmission into second gear. Third try…almost made it. Back up once more and GUN IT and don’t…give…up…YES – I made it up the hill and onto the flat section and onto the clear road. YAY!!! The rest of the story is I made it to Dan and he drove us home. Oh, and he said the hubs were NOT in 4WD. I dunno - I just turned them from one position to the only other position...

After I picked up Dan, we stopped at the local doctor’s office but they wouldn’t see me ’cause I wasn’t already a patient. The roads were still bad and I didn’t feel up to a drive to Sonora and back. So we came on home and I just took it easy.

We did go pick up Dan's motorcycle yesterday. Also, I was able to reach the local chiro’s office and they set me up with an appt for today. So, finally, I got some treatment for my aches and pains from Tuesday’s mishap. Still not 100% so I won’t be going on tomorrow’s ride. (sad face)

Dan and I were able to get to Sonora today. Took the Honda to a shop there and left it for them to look at next week. We also were able to get a rental car (for which the ins co is paying) until our car is repaired or totaled. And that is the excitement for the week.
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