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Two Thoughts For The Day

Friday, February 22, 2013

First thought comes from Coach Nancy who said : " When you take the focus off the scale, amazing things can happen" This year my focus is not on what the number on the scale states. Yes I am on 2 team challenges that i must weigh in on 146.9 which is a little over high end on of my range 137.7 to 146.3 with 142 mid I did get up to 149.2 ugh. So I do have some weight t ot re-lose but its not my main focus this year. My goals for this year is ot stay within range work on my cardio conditioning and lower my BF% In my heart I know if I refocus away from the scale amazing things will happen.

Coach Nancy quote is a great reminder that the scale should not be our defining moment

Second thought of the day was i speaking with one of the young girls ( she's 19 ) it was right after we both had customers from HeLL they were older then me in their 60 or older I stated to her I hope that is not what ins in story for me in a few years . She wanted ot know what I meant being I said becoming an old grumpy frumpy old lady mad at the world. We had a few Ha Ha's. I said its not that far away for me and she told me she thought I was about her mom's age early 40's had to tell her no I'm 52 .

So that got me thinking trying ot sum it up Now that I am the age I am I can honestly say I'm very at home in my own skin - I like me I enjoy me I'm at peace with my life If I stay at the weight I am its okay. Yearly days I was never content with myself I needed to be and look like some one else. Amazing what a few years on this journey can do to you and your thinking

I really do think this journey is way more about SELF ACCEPTANCE then anything else .
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