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Friday, February 22, 2013

Somehow a few things have flown into my lap that I've been dreaming of for awhile. They are simple and will take a few steps to get where I want to be, but they are quite exciting for me. Well, the first of these little enchantments came the other day when my boss asked me if I wanted to sell my photographs in the barbershop! Wow, that was a shock. I've never really dreamt of selling my photos, and I really never thought of putting them in the barbershop. But I was ecstatic!!! I now am on a mini-mission to find a high quality place to print my shots, and affordable framing options. The original reason I splurged on my camera (which was $1,000.00, 8 years ago) was because I went into a photography store, where a guy had some very large shots blown up, and the quality was superior. I asked him what he used, camera wise, and he told me, and I bought what he had. I have always been very happy with the quality of shots from my camera. But I've gotten to the point where I am just collecting shots and never printing anything. So, now I've pinned down a local printing place that I am going to check out and see if they can print my shots, or know someone who will. I'm really, really excited. I have loved photography since high school, and don't go more than a few weeks without shooting something. So, this is just the motivation I need to go from photo collector, to (POSSIBLE) photo seller, or atleast photo printer/home gallery owner. I only have one of my photos up in my house, and you can imagine after 15 years of shooting, I have quite a few shots I'd love to have framed............maybe even a few blown up larger than 8X10.......kinda excited.

What else? Seems like I had a few more non weight goals lined up. I do know I'm going to make a trip into Davis to check out the co-op health store to see if they have any natural (flower essences or something homeopathic) stress relievers. I figure I am an emotional/stress eater, so if I can find a healthy way to manage in the moment stresses, maybe I won't fantasize over double cheeseburgers and end up actually sticking to some consistent healthy eating patterns.

Today has gone great so far. Two mile walk with hubs last night was smooth sailing, really want to get two, two mile walks in/day. That is my spring goal, I know it is totally doable. One in the morning, before work, and one after. Now that the light is back in full swing in the evenings, and as of today, the rain has subsided, I think this will be my new goal for the end of this month, and moving into March.

I am almost convinced to ditch my FFL eating plan, but not quite completely. I still like the idea of starting the day off with fruit/fruit juice. It is really good for me because I have ALWAYS disliked breakfast, and more often than not, go without breakfast entirely. So having easy, quick, yummy, portable breakfast on hand has been really nice. I'm just not sure if my other meals are really balanced. I know lot's of veggies is great, but only veggies??? Which is mainly what I've been doing. Either completely vegetarian, or kind of low carby, meat with veg. We'll see what is next. I do like a little guidlines, because without a gameplan I end up scarfing low quality sometimes, while still sticking to calorie needs, I am not always reaching nutrition needs. But, the FFL plan is already getting a bit boring. Since the main idea lies with no combining of any food (other than fruits and veg) with anything else other than fruit or veg. So if you have dairy, cheese, meat, grain, egg, etc. you can only eat it with veg or fruit/veg juice. I do like the amount of fruit/veg I've been eating, but I'm finding myself feeling like I'm "missing" something............probably enough calories, and I then get too hungry, which sometimes leads to scarfing bad things. I know if I get TOO hungry, it will inevitably lead to scarfing. However, one thing the FFL plan did teach me, is that as long as I wait a few hours after each meal, when I am hungry I can turn to fruit, and it is quite filling, and satisfying, and I can loose weight that way. So, think I'm picking the plan apart a bit, taking what works and leaving the rest.

The weather is gorgeous tonight, I'm looking forward to atleast another 2 miles tonight. Maybe hubs will hit the pavement with me again. He's a handful, but makes the walk so much fun. (Yes I married a true comedian.....every opportunity to make a joke, he takes it. I'm never bored, ever! Silly boy.)

Hoping the new year, and spring brings even more non weight goals, ( to supplement, but not ditch the weight goals). I found out all this time (since Christmas), that I could have been accessing the internet very well on my phone. I knew that I could do certain things, but I just wasn't sure of all the capacities of my phone. I can access SP, albeit on a small phone screen, quite well. I probably won't blog that way, because one finger, hen pecking on a tiny keyboard is very tiresome for me. But as it is, I've been blogging more than enough for one girl. So, I'm sure I can go a whole weekend without doing it!! (Found out that I can watch my Netflix on my phone too, and I have unlimited internet I'm pretty excited to catch up on all my foreign and independent films/shows. I really LOVE Netflix!! I've been missing it for a few months now, only to find I could have been watching it all this time!!)

Cheers to us, and not giving up, no matter how steep that hill gets!

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    blue cube imaging (google 'em) goes great printing work, they send them in a tube, (reasonable prices, esp when they have sales, get a few made to start and see what you think) you can frame them yourself, check the frames out from walmart - doesn't have to be fancy, just the plain black ones lets your photos shine, make sure you see the frame sizes available in your area before you order a bunch of print sizes you can't find frames for (hubs is a photographer, we have been thru all of the above :P) i do love your photos and didnt know you had a high end cam, explains the extra OOMPH to go with your creativity!

    i like the idea of doing what feels good for you FFL wise, make your own plan. keep those veggies in by throwing them in everything you eat and you won't feel like you are missing out on them.
    1848 days ago
    I can see why your boss wants to help you out with your art! The pictures you've posted here are fabulous!
    Great going with the walking plan (2 miles in the am and repeat in the pm)
    I found the same thing about FFL and since the theory of food combining was debunked, I don't feel the need to follow the plan. As you know, only fruit causes me grief in the a.m., but starting each meal with a salad is a great way to get more raw veggies in.
    You go grrl!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1849 days ago
    THAT IS SO TERRIFIC! emoticon
    1850 days ago
    Everything sounds great! I hope you sell lots of photos! You make me want to make some jewelry--sweet thang!
    I need to start walking regularly--the other day I walked and made a blister on my heel! boo.
    We will conquer this!
    1851 days ago
    Exciting prospect! Best of luck to you.
    1851 days ago
    Congrats on your photos! This is very exciting news!
    1851 days ago
    1851 days ago
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