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This is the Part Where I Used to Give Up

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Hereís the deal--I CAN multitask, but I do better if I focus on one big thing at a time. Sometimes, that slows things down a little, but it works for me. Iíve turned into a slow and steady kind of gal, as far as goals go. Lately, Iíve focused on tracking my food, every day. Iím getting into the habit of pre-tracking in the morning. I like that. You know I love streaking; this is Day 26 of tracking my food (Day 691 of my exercise streak). So, Iíve been tracking and exercising.

I should mention that Iíve been in between my 5% Challenge Team challenges. We take a couple of breaks during the year. I decided not to weigh in, during my break this time. Um, yeah--that may not have been such a great idea... I kinda thought, with all the tracking and everything, that I wouldnít have to worry about it. Not so much a guarantee. The new challenge starts tomorrow, so I weighed in the other day, just to see where I was. Hereís the thing--I had a few red flags, beforehand. My jeans were starting to get tight again. Hmmm. I just felt, well--bigger. When I stepped on the scale, I had a significant gain. Significant. Like, undo a whole yearís worth of work significant. No joke.

This is the part where I used to give up. This is the part where I used to be so disappointed in myself, decide it wasnít worth it, it was impossible, and Iíd quit. But that was before I discovered my secret power of awesome. Iím not gonna lie, Iím bummed that I had a significant gain. But now, I can step back and see more clearly. ďGood job on tracking, Shelli. Good job! Now, letís start tweaking a few things and see if we can stay on the lower end of your calorie range, instead of high or over.Ē See how that thought process recognizes what needs to be changed, without totally eliminating the accomplishment? Thatís a HUGE step for me! Thatís forward thinking and forward is where I want to go.

I can also see other things in my life that are pretty amazing right now. Iím getting stronger. Iíve been using a 100 Pushups Coach app on my phone for several weeks now. I can do 100 pushups, on my knees, in one session, with tiny breaks in between sets. Itís hard, but I can do it. Yes, I will toot my own horn a little, thank you very much. Iím pretty proud of that. Iíve also been using the heck out of my FitBit. I catch myself doing all kinds of things, to try to get in extra steps. I even have a little dance that I do while chanting, ďEvery step counts, every step counts, every step.Ē Hey, whatever works, right? Iím active; Iím moving. Recently, Iíve had several people misjudge and think I was at least 20 years younger than I am. I donít know that thatís necessarily an accomplishment. I think I chalk that up to attitude and a round face, but hey, Iíll take it.

And itís not just all physical. Weíre going through some really tough parenting stuff with our son right now. Letís just say itís called tough love for a reason. Itís hard! Take the regular teen stuff, amplify it with special needs, and you have a parenting workout on your hands. But, weíre doing it and thatís an accomplishment too, that weíre not giving up, that weíre willing to do the hard stuff.

Iím working on a creative project with a local artist right now and it has me SO fired up! Weíre having so much fun, putting all these pieces together and making something really special. Itís stretching and challenging my creative muscle and that kind of work is good for my soul. If I could weigh that stuff? Well, the scale would be TONS lighter!! Letís do that--letís have an imaginary scale that weighs our non-scale victories. I would be way beyond goal right now. Iíd be a Non-Scale Supermodel. LOL

My point is, this is the part where I used to give up, but not this time. Yes, tomorrow, when I weigh in, I have to register a much higher weight on my SparkPage. The little duck on my ticker is going to take a pretty big swim backwards. But, heís still swimming. He hasnít drowned and Iím not going to shoot him!! Heís still smiling and so am I. Because this is real life and weight is only one part of it. So, if youíve had a setback, even a significant one--take a step back. Recognize what needs to change, but give yourself credit for what you HAVE accomplished. Donít shoot the duck. Keep swimming!

Me and Houdini, the lil rubber duck that my buddy SNOWANGELDIVA sent me. Donít worry, Liz; heís still alive!!

Side note: This lil sock snake was a recent entry in my Daily Creativity Journal. Isnít he cute?

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!!
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