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Springing into action week 1 challenge blog

Friday, February 22, 2013

So this is a "let you meet me ' blog . These are expected with every challenge although it feels repetitive to me lol but here we go ... This is two parts so bare with me

Meet me :
My name is Darlene and I am 42 years old,married with 2 sons and 3 grand children , 1 daughter in law and 1 ex daughter in law ( are they ever really removed from the family NO not really). I don't work for various reasons. I was in between states (MS and LA) for the past four years so not knowing where i was going to be played a part . The other part was two foot surgeries in an effort to save my right foot. No I do not have diabetes just a really bad foot that in itself was my motivation for loosing weight. During the first surgery in 2011 I gained another 35 pounds that put me at 366 pounds. I reached my personal Rock bottom. I vowed that when I got up off that god forsaken couch . 10 weeks after that surgery I was finally able to move . So started the journey of a lifetime. My shining moment of fame is that with this last surgery in 2012 I spent 16 weeks on that same couch .. and i did not gain a pound of body fat. That was huge because now I know in my heart of hearts that i have made the necessary changes to do this. My brother tells me all the time that I have not always been fat it happened at puberty . Ok well since around age 11 I have had weight issues . I will never be a size two but I dont do this for that .. I do this because every day , ever pound, every step , every breath into this journey brings me one step closer to pain free. That is why I get up and just do it . If you have never hurt so bad that it ruled your life I am so happy for you but I have lived where you just hate the thought of getting out of bed because you know it is going to physically hurt , which is going to emotionally hurt . The blog before this one will tell you all the numbers that you need to know to see how far I have come but i will show you in this picture .

What do i do for fun ? anything that will burn a calorie and get me to my goal. When i get there we will figure out what will be good for normal. I read a lot and research a lot . I suppose if it makes you feel better I am obsessed with it although I don't think like that . It took me some 40 years to get to 366 pounds. that was a lot of time and effort on my part . So how can anyone think that it will not a lot of time to undo all that useless time I spent gaining that weight.

My mind set is I don't think about it any more I just do it . I wake with one thought . What can I do today to get me pain free? most of the time the answer is going to hurt but it is such a different pain.It is a releasing pain,it is a living pain, it is an accomplishing pain and we just do it lol .

Now to the second part of the blog the bonus part lol (note I really hate numbers just saying )
We were asked to go to this website and get our body fat %

so here is these numbers
Body fat % 55.36
lbs/kgs of body fat 153.9
lean body weight 124.10

ok just so you know I do not find these numbers to be accurate at all ... here is why . at my gym this week I had a trainer take my body fat %. this was done by using this gadget

same information height and weight was used . any way it says my body fat % is 44.5 . I tend to believe that number because it calculated my BMI at 41 and that is what i get also ... but i did the challenge ... if you are reading this blog I want you to know that is no number that will ever make you happy . Not one on a scale, a size , a tape measure number that you can come up with is going to make you happy only fixing yourself along with those numbers will make you happy. Change your heart and mind and the numbers will change also. Believe me I know .
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1728 days ago
    As always, very encouraging and informative. I tend to agree with you on the BMI/fat measurements as it's been proven that the best technique for measuring body fat is with a tool that actually pinches the fat on your body....not just a little calculator. But at least the calculator can get a person started if they have no other place to go for the moment. Great blog!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1729 days ago
  • TERESA159
    Wow! Great blog. I love your can-do attitude and the fact that you were able to recover from your last surgery with no weight gain. That is amazing!! If everyone could adopt your outlook the world would be a much, much better place. "Accomplishing pain"!!! Love that idea, because it's true. It does hurt sometimes to get in shape. All strength training hurts (it should, if you're doing it right!) and I've often thought about that as I'm doing it. That here I am doing something that HURTS, willingly doing it and it's because I KNOW what it gets me. Stronger. Yes, it is accomplishing pain. Yay for you. I am friending you in hopes there's something I can help you with too. Your blog made my day.
    Go Casual Travelers!!! emoticon
    1729 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Great blog ... and great NSV emoticon that your pants were too big!!

    Spark on little Tink! emoticon emoticon
    1729 days ago
    Thank you. I needed some motivation. I'm in a couch sitting place right now myself. Sprained ankle, and I'm sick. But that won't last long. I can't wait to get up and start moving. You really are inspiring.
    1730 days ago
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