Finding my weak spots

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm finding out that time spent at home is time that challenges my willpower with food the most. Valentine's day didn't help, either (chocolate covered strawberries, box of chocolates). Chocolate is a huge weakness. I can't have the stuff around me without wanting to devour it.

It's mostly mindless eating, and little structure/routine to curb my urges. At work I'm limited to what I have in my desk because I typically don't go out to get something to eat without making it a social occasion.

So I guess I'm mostly in a pattern where most of my food is eaten in a solitary environment (at my desk at work, snacking at home). I'm going to have to think about what implications this has, and how I can use this information to make behavior changes.

I'm forcing myself to log my foods into SparkPeople. Not just the good days. The good days are easy (immediately rewarding to see proof of good decisions), but the days where I slip up hold me accountable and give me opportunity to learn.

Wow. For wondering what on earth I would write about in my first blog post, I sure have touched on a bunch of stuff, even if only superficially. Maybe there is something to this journaling thing after all.
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