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Appetite Stability

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My sweet friend Steph challenged our BLC 21 Navy Ninjas team to blog about stability. I'm going to make a few notes about stability of food choices and appetite stability.

I have noticed a pattern which brings what I call a "peaceful" eating style, where I'm hungry enough to enjoy meals but not consumed by cravings. That is, when I make the following wise choices.....

--Eat on a reasonable schedule, not skipping meals or delaying too long.
--Stop eating as soon as I start to feel full, and put it away for later.
--Eat high protein and healthy fat at each meal.
--Eat carbs from real fruits and veggies, some dairy, very little grain, almost no sugar.
--No artificial sweeteners. They make me hungrier.
--Indulge myself with delicious, high-quality, healthy food (plus a bit of 72% cacao dark chocolate sometimes)
--Eat a reasonable dinner and then stop eating for the day.
--Track everything and treat the calorie range like a non-negotiable budget (or like BOSS61 says, treat the tracker like an unrelenting drill sergeant!)

It has taken me three years of very gradual changes, including backsliding, to reach this equilibrium and implement it with any kind of consistency. But I am much happier eating this way. I truly don't feel deprived; I feel very satisfied.

On the other hand, if I have seasons of insanity and eat junk, there is no stability in that. It is not peaceful and satisfying. I have never yet stopped eating white dinner rolls because I was full and felt I had eaten enough of them; I only stopped out of some sense of shame or some feeling that no human being should eat one single number larger than I already consumed. Same with cookies and various processed snacks; I'm never happy to stop, but at some point I listen to the inner police officer and halt.

I'm not trying to tell anyone else how to eat, but the choices I described bring stability and eating control for me.
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