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To Walk or Not to Walk....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This morning I was invited to join a team for a color run coming up in March. My first thought was, "Oh, I simply can't!" Of course, my thoughts the last 2 days have been surrounded around overwhelming fatigue, a return of nausea, and a muscle I pulled in my lower back swimming yesterday. emoticon But, as I looked into what a color run is and thought for a while, I started to think that maybe I CAN do this. The people who invited me are planning on walking, so I wouldn't have to worry about being "uncool." I couldn't run before I was PG, and I'm sure not going to try and start that up right now. But, I do think that walking would be great, and I'm trying to talk myself into just going for it.

So, I want to ask the opinion/advice of my spark friends...what should I do? By the time this thing rolls around, I will 13.5 weeks along in my pregnancy. Obviously, I will clear it with my doctor also. Is the color stuff they throw on you safe? Do y'all think I will feel up to walking this far (it's a 5K) at this point? If I start now, could I be walking 3 miles within the next 5 weeks? I know I could do this EASILY under normal circumstances. But, I really want to honor my body during this time too. I keep thinking, "what an accomplishment this could be for me! To walk a 5K while pregnant!" When my DH was involved in the runner's circle, he knew a girl who RAN 3 miles the day she gave birth to her baby!!! emoticon I have always thought that was such an inspiring story that I kept in mind when I felt like whimping out on a workout. emoticon

So, sparkies, I'm open to suggestions! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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    I have never heard of a colour run!! I am sure you will make the right decision whatever it is - and whatever you find most comfortable with!! emoticon
    1528 days ago
    A 5K really isn't that long. Most people can walk it in under an hour no prob. You don't have to be fast. I think the size of the name of the race is what scares people - it's what scared me the first time I walked one. I weighed 245 lbs and it didn't even hurt my feet. I was surprised to finish in under an hour while walking with slow toddlers. It really was no big deal.

    The more activity you can get in during the early parts of pregnancy, the healthier you will be throughout the rest. The last trimester is the hardest, because you're big by that point, and everything is awkward. I always gained so much more in that last trimester just from inactivity (forced - as I was too big to move!). By the time I got to my last pregnancy, I realized that I needed ot be as active as possible in the first six months.

    The stuff they throw at color runs is just food coloring and either flour or cornstarch. Perfectly safe. I've been through a color run and I would have had no problem doing one pregnant. Definitely clear it through your doc, especially if you have a medical history with miscarriages or anything, but I think you should be perfectly fine. At 13.5 weeks, the baby is so little that most people still don't even show. I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert, in the mosh pit, when I was 5 months pregnant with my first son. :D
    1528 days ago
    Let me just say this about a color run. "Run" is not literal. In fact, there are no rewards for getting to the finish line first. The only goal is fun - getting covered in as much color as possible. Getting covered in color usually means slowing down to get it tossed or sprayed at you. At the one I did last year, there were so many people of all ages and fitness levels.

    The colored stuff is just a particular corn starch as I recall. They give a little more detail on the website for the runs, but given the places it can get into and the fact that people are very likely to inhale some since they do things like pour buckets over the crowd, it is very carefully confirmed that it is as unlikely to cause any negative reactions as possible.

    Think about how much you walk now - not necessarily just workout style walking, but all over the place. Your pace in a color run can be little more than you'd use if you went to the mall or local megastore with a friend and wandered around talking. Or do a trial and walk as far as you feel you comfortably can and see where you're starting. Again, you don't have to use a workout / racing pace.

    Of course, your doctor knows best if he prescribes bed rest or directly says not to walk that much.
    1528 days ago
    or maybe that lady who ran 3 miles went into labour just because of her run..how could a full term pregnant lady run ..its unimaginable...
    1528 days ago
    I agree with Kathy and Sadaf! I always followed this advice with my 10 pregnancies (3 miscarriages) Never start a new exercise or exert your body more than you were before you got pregnant. For example: if you were lifting 100 lb bags of fertilizer (if you were a farmer) before you were pregnant and got pregnant, you could continue it, but don't go starting to lift 150 lb bags.

    I myself wouldn't start a 5k now, wait until after the baby is born! Walking is great, but with moderation!!!

    Keep safe and enjoy your pregnancy, Caiti.


    BTW: that lady who ran the 3 miles the day she had her baby probably was running her whole pregnancy and that's why it didn't affect her delivery and she probably wasn't at high risk either emoticon
    1528 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/21/2013 3:31:58 PM
    if you were already walking three miles I would say go for it...it also is dependent on how fast the ladies you plan on walking with...I have been a walker forever and pregnant or not...walking was no big deal...by the way...I'm doing one in April where would yours be?
    1528 days ago
    we usually recommend moderate exercise to mother's to be...don't exert yourself too much...let the pregnancy be safe and healthy and normal later on u can go for the 5Ks as many as you like...
    1528 days ago
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