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Two Recalls on Foods lots of us eat!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I wasn't certain how to get this out but these two really worried me. I use/have used both of these products. I'm hoping the links works. The first is for Special K Red Berries cereal.

This one is for pre-packaged organic spinach!

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PRNCSCUP1-2FULL 2/25/2013 3:40PM


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BEFIT015 2/24/2013 11:04PM

    Ooh, I'm a bit late here! I hadn't heard of these items on the recall list. I keep hearing about the dog treats. Thanks for this info.

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MUMMY22BOYS 2/24/2013 7:56PM

    Oh geez have both of these I need to check dates and codes on....ugh.

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LOSER05 2/23/2013 9:37AM

    you just can't win... it just seems to get worse emoticon everyday.

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JUMPINJULIE 2/22/2013 8:49PM

    Thanks for sharing.

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LIKINMENOW 2/22/2013 1:05PM

    Thank you for this.

It appears that this is happening a lot with foods and other things we use. I am getting to the point where I am choosing to be self sufficient by growing my own fruits & veggies; canning my own foods, making food for my animals, making my own cleaning products and personal care products. This makes me busy!!

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SEASONS_CHANGE_ 2/22/2013 6:15AM

    It's scary and now there's a bunch of recalls on dog foods.

Subscribe to the FDA US Food and Drug Administration to receive email alerts when something is recalled.

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CELESTE_B 2/22/2013 1:43AM

    Thank you for the heads up...luckily none here...

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ILIKETOZUMBA 2/22/2013 12:02AM

    Yikes!! Thanks for the heads-up. I don't usually buy organic bagged spinach and I haven't had Special K Red Berries in years....but I *just* bought myself a box of Chocolatey Strawberry Special K (it's been so long since I had Special K because it's kinda sugary and not as whole grain-y as I want my cereals to be, but it looked sooooo good, and it was!!). Thankfully, no glass in my box (I know it was a different variety, but still). I hadn't seen anything about either of these recalls before I saw your blog. That's a little scary; I need to pay better attention to these things! Thanks again.

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KEEPITUP05 2/21/2013 11:56PM


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PROVERBS31JULIA 2/21/2013 11:42PM

    YOu are right - not many places to spread this on SparkPeople - I just posted this on Spark Cafe

(will have to copy and paste into a new tab or window, as there isn't an "Add link" button here on blog comments.).

Sometimes when I have something I think a lot of people will want to see, I'll put it in a blog like what you just did, and then go huddle in as many teams as I have time to huddle in (we only get points for the first 5 teams we huddle in.), and seems like a lot of people will then see my blog title in their Spark Team page or huddle page, if they happen to Huddle.

But it would be nice if there was a centralized location for food recalls. In this case - I don't do the Special K cereals - never did, not likely to ever try in the future. But the spinach - wow, two or three of the brands I recognized from different stores (one is a Kroger /Dillons grocery brand, and the other is a brand I get at Walmart a lot of times too!), PLUS it affects 39 different states, including Kansas.

The other thing that is alarming is that Texas was included and I'm wondering HOW long has this been a problem before it was recalled - as my dad has been in the hospital and is now in a nursing care home - and he had been juicing for awhile before suddenly becoming very ill with sepsis (infection) likely from the e coli, my feeling - based on the condition of his home when I finally went to his place in Texas, and saw the juicer he was using. His home was not properly connected to water and so he really didn't have a way to keep things clean (long story).... so I think he nearly died from greens!! We juice too but try to thoroughly wash and clean items before we use them...

So anyway, glad to see your links and at least I got to see them!!

Thanks again -


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BESTMEPOSSIBLE 2/21/2013 10:56PM

    thanks - I don't eat the cereal, but we eat a lot of spinach

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TXGRANDMA 2/21/2013 8:00PM

    I had heard about the spinach but not the Special K! Thanks so much for being concerned. emoticon

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MISSB8604 2/21/2013 7:59PM

    Thank you very much for the info, I found the brand I usually get on the list!

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SLOPOKE_SAL 2/21/2013 7:52PM

    I had seen the cereal one this morning, fortunately I don't have the one listed. Good idea to help warn people!

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JUSTME29 2/21/2013 7:50PM

    Fortunately neither of these are products I have on hand right now. Thank you for sharing.

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ANDY_54 2/21/2013 7:25PM

    I might have that spinach in the fridge will have to look! Thanks for the heads up!

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ASILLA 2/21/2013 7:07PM

    Thanks very much for posting!!

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CATHYGETSFIT 2/21/2013 6:37PM

    Geez, it seems like every week there is a food recall if not more often! emoticon emoticon

emoticon for posting!

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SIEGRID 2/21/2013 6:35PM

    Thank you!!!! emoticon

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BESCATS 2/21/2013 6:31PM

    Thanks Kitty. You are always right on top of it for us. Very much appreciated.
Don't usually buy Special K, and use Olivia's Organics baby spinach. New Hampshire & Vermont not listed. emoticon

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SROBERTS82 2/21/2013 4:07PM

    We had the spinach in our fridge, had to throw it away. It's too bad when you can get sick trying to stay healthy!

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MJREIMERS 2/21/2013 3:03PM

    I heard about the Special K, but not the spinach. It's too bad we can't grow our own food. The soil is tainted in many neighborhoods and I just don't have enough yard! Thanks for the update!

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CAROLC64 2/21/2013 2:23PM

    Thanks for the heads up. Scary stuff!

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1CRAZYDOG 2/21/2013 2:18PM

    OMG! Thanks! I don't use the Special K but DO use the spinach! Don't currently have any, but glad I don't!

HUGS and hope it's a good Thursday. We're expecting up to 5 in. of snow, so know what MY CV and ST will be tomorrow -- can you guess? Right! SHOVELING! LOL

Gotta love Mother Nature. She is cranky and like to laugh @ us I think!

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NILLAPEPSI 2/21/2013 1:45PM

    Yikes!!! Thanks for the info.

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LESLIELENORE 2/21/2013 1:22PM

    THanks for the info!

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AURORAMILLET 2/21/2013 1:19PM


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CANDYCANE2B 2/21/2013 1:13PM

    Thanks for the heads-up, Kitty!!! I hope you have an Awesome day today!!!

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KJELLYBEAN15 2/21/2013 1:13PM

    I know, those are terrible. There was also a recent one (about a week ago I think) for Lean Cuisine Raviolis for having possible glass fragments. I guess we need to go "old school" and harvest, grow, and raise our own food sources. But then the water to help these grow wouldn't be safe.

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