My Happy, Positive Attitude is Self-feeding

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I really feel good about staying on my streak of being on and using SparkPeople every day, exercising everyday and keeping a happy, positive attitude. I have always been a funny individual and most of my attempts at humor are pokes at me (called self-deprecating humor) or at life in general. I do not practice insult humor (unless I must) because I think it is mean.

However, remember that the clown, comedian, funny person is so many times because they are not happy about something. The unhappiness that I have is with my weight, size, shape, etc. Being an emotional eater, subject to binges of HUGE portions does not help.

It appears that my happy, positive attitude is self-feeding. Because I like the way I feel about staying on my streak of; being on and using SparkPeople every day, exercising everyday and keeping a happy, positive attitude, I keep doing it.

A good SparkPeople Friend, Pookie (Pookie inspires many and her SparkPeople Page is at
shared the following with me, “I read this on another friends blog today... seems apt to share...

"I can only make one person happy each day and today I choose ME!"”

One of my favorite quotes of all time is Mark Twain’s “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”

As I blogged yesterday, one of my favorite movie scenes is in the movie “Meatballs”. See the scene here

Bill Murray is a camp counselor trying to convince his summer camp of misfits that they can win the summer camp lake Olympics against a rival camp full of preppy campers. Bill Murray character has a pre-competition camp rally where he convinces all to go out and compete and whether they win or lose, “Just doesn’t matter”. He leads them in the chant, “It just doesn’t matter!”

Viewing this Meatballs movie scene is 3 minutes well spent!

Rick Nelson was an Elvis Presley 1950’s era teen idol here in the USA (and before my time). In the 1970’s (in my time) Rick Nelson was performing an Oldies Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York City and he did not want to sing any of his old songs, only his current songs and was booed by the audience. He wrote about the experience in the song Garden Party and the lyric from that song that I must remember is: “You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself”

I have told my relatives, friends and acquaintances I am doing what I call, “The Streak” for me and no one else.

When my Wife first heard me refer to “The Streak”, she asked, “You aren’t “streaking” are you?”

I replied, “Only in the Men’s Locker Room at the Gym and our bedroom and bathroom!”

For anyone that does not know, “streaking” is running around naked in a public place and yes I did it a few times in my younger days.

I know that I am on some sort of endorphin high and I plan on going higher (without drugs of any type)!
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