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Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of my life goals is to make clear, positive and separate my love of cooking (and love of good food) from my habit of eating for love.

Is it possible for a habit that has gifted me with repeated bouts of obesity with all the trimmings ever to be viewed as positive?

Hmmmmm. First of all I will need to clean up my language. This site wouldn’t let me say sh__, even if I had a mouth full of it, and I do not mean that as a criticism. I suspect that it is actually an example… of the kind of logic that has me saying and thinking the phrase “eating for love.” Gonna have to hunt this bunny to it’s hole. Stay tuned.

*** When I say "clean up my language", I'm not talking about censoring my vulgarity. I am talking about revisiting catchy phrases that are actually obfuscating that which they would describe... platitudinizing? Blue laws have a way of working in favor of the very things they would prohibit. I have a feeling using grossly inarticulate simplifications to describe my eating history works in much the same way. Although I have not fleshed it out as yet, the phrase "eating for love", although it means well, is actually doing more harm than good. Why is this important? Because some very, very specific things have branched out into all manner of destructive behaviors through the course of my years. What I am looking for is the thread of truth that runs through all this muck.
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  • JENKOP11
    "platitudinizing" - I now have a new word! Language can and does obscure true intent because we are more comfortable with vagaries. I am interested to follow your path of discovery about this "eating for love", I am sure that there will be nuggets of wisdom available.
    Keep it up - I know that un-examined lives are much easier to live, but not necessarily fuller because of it.
    1825 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1828 days ago
    Noel finally realized how different it was for me, a person who had dedicated a huge portion of life to elevating food to an art form and whose identity, profession, reputation and self esteem were intricately involved in that expression, than it was for him to adapt to eating purely for sustenance on a low carb diet. I told him to try imagining that he could still use a computer but there would be no Internet connection and he'd have to use DOS. Baking and throwing pots/firing kilns are the two things in this life for which I seem to have a genuine 'gift'. But I've always known that if I wanted to stay healthy into old age there would have to be sacrifices and adjustments made. I'm declaring 'Be Kind to Your Tired Old Organs' year in 2013.
    As for profanity, well, for me it's like religion in that it simply doesn't exist. To speak, think and write without words that have zing! pop! Ka-POW power would be the same as eating utterly bland foods. No thank you. Of course, if everyone felt as I do, those words that are considered by some to be profane would no longer have their spiciness, would they? Conundrum! No one has ever been able to explain to me why and how the word sh!t has any different denotation that the word feces. SP will let me talk about poop in one form but not the other. It's just silliness on a grand scale. I can say copulate, fornicate, coitus, the beast with two backs...and no one blanches. But trot out the Eff word and, in some circles, there will be gasps. Silliness. I'm saying it is a bad thing and I resent having my brand of expression curtailed.
    1829 days ago
    Taking away my ability to swear directly only caused me to find creative ways to swear around it (as you well know).

    Be careful around them rabbit holes, tho-- sometimes you fall in and end up in wonderland.......
    1829 days ago
    Well, sh!t. That's how we potty mouths do it!

    1829 days ago
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