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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello all, 08.46 am here in -1 conditions in Birmingham, England but im full of positivity.

I have now been on SPark for 6 months come 3rd of March. I am very pleased to say in that time i have managed to shed 103 lbs, i only have 41 to go to reach my overall goal.

I have kept up my insane exercise regime as i love every bit of it....even when it hurts and burns..

I started this journey at a scary 24stone 4 lbs and today i register in at 16stone.11lbs which is still a fair distance from my target of 14 stone but i can see it in the distance now.

I know even when my healthy lifestyle enables me to reach my weight loss goal (to get to 14stone) its only the very first part of my journey. Im under no illuision that jobs done when i get their as the rest of my life is journey.

I like to think that if i can and am doing it anyone can, their no excuses as that is all they are excuses.

I have major issues with the fact my Thyroid gland no longer works and im on medication to assist with this (i understand that its different here and medical care in many places is expensive and can not be afforded so this can hold people back, which i feel bad about).

2stone 11lbs to go and i will be back to a weight i was last at when i was 14/15 years old and a weight lifter. Seems unreal.

Well if anyone has any questions or wants and help or guidance im more than willing to help and assist in anyway possible, if its diet, exercise. ect.. i am here.

Well just a brief update and i will write my next pest when i drop below 16 stone :-)
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