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My weakness is....lickin' the bowl!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I call it the 'Lickin' the Bowl' Syndrome. emoticon

When I was a very little girl.....way, way back in the 1940' Mom always allowed me to stand on a chair and watch her while she was baking. In those days, for all you younger ones, we had food coupons. Now, these allowed you to buy only a certain amount of any one item per month. For instance, you could only have so many pounds of flour, or sugar, only so many eggs, and there was a limit on lots of items, due to the shortage during WW2. Each time you purchased one of these items you had to have a coupon that was for that month.

My Mom was a teen and young woman in the depression years of the 1930's and she had learned how to 'make do' there was a shortage of many things and opportunities during that time too. So when the war years came and she had just got married...she was well prepared to deal with the challenges that came her and my Dad's way.

So, because of this, my Mom encouraged us to eat everything that was on our plate as sometimes there wouldn't be anymore of that particular food until the next month. Mom was very, very good at using absolutely everything she could get her hands on. And she always had a garden full of fresh veggies going wherever we lived.

A real treat for my Mom was chocolates. And my Dad, to the day he died, made sure she had a box of chocolates on hand at all times. Quess who learned to snitch them when she wasn't looking...(like she didn't know....yeah, right!!!) back to my 'Lickin' the Bowl' problem. While Mom was making cookies, or whatever, she would always let me lick the bowl, and the big mixing spoon, so as not to waste a drop of food.
And it kept me very happy as you can imagine.
And this continued as a 'normal' in our lives right through until I left home at 19 and got married.

Up until this day, I have licked the bowl! We always finished leftovers, nothing was thrown away, nothing was wasted.
So, I lick the bowl, the spoon, the fork, even clean the chicken bones right down to the shiny. I learned to love the fat on the roast, chicken skin...baked pork name it.

So I caught myself a couple days ago going to lick the bowl when making cookies for friends....I did it, BUT it registered!!!


They went into the sink and were rinsed immediately.

I am so happy with myself as I type is a feeling of accomplishment I have never felt before.

Thanks for reading my blithering.... emoticon's been fun typing this out and seeing it in print.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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