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My Spark Friends Are A Blessing (Blessings?)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As many of you know I've been experiencing a grief driven depression lately. I posted a blog about my depression making me fat. I believe it is playing a key role with my increased dosage of anti-depressant and the TMI stomach issues that has induced. I got some really encouraging responses to that blog! I thank each of you who responded and those who read and couldn't or didn't respond, but understood.

When you are sad, it is kinda true that misery loves company. Not in the way that my MIL's misery loves company.... she seems to want to make all of us miserable to keep her in her misery company. For me, it just feels good to know that I am not alone. It feels good that others know what I am saying and get it. It feels good that we all struggle and can join together to help each other and push each other into this healthier lifestyle. It feels good to be reminded that this won't happen overnight or even within 5 years (my case) and that other Sparkers have some of the same feelings as I. It feels good to get suggestions for what to do to help my situation.

I am sorry that others struggle in the same or similar ways as I, but it does feel good to not be alone in these struggles. I hate that anyone else has lost a mother or a sister or a brother or all 3! But, it feels good to be comforted by someone who lost a mom or a sister or a brother and understands the pain. We all grieve differently just as we all lose weight differently and exercise differently and isn't that great? Because we are all so different we can suggest different things to one another and try them on for size!

I want to thank each of you who responded to my blog yesterday. I'm not able to thank each of you individually simply because I am way too busy and my computer and SP don't always get along! But, I do thank each of you! Your kind words always help; your suggestions give me food for thought and action plans; your comfort and support keep me going! Thank you. And, while I do struggle in yet another area of my life.... Spiritually, I do consider each of you and your words for me and to me blessings!

*My Spark Friends, old & new! Thank you. You always keep me going!
*100 minutes of fitness on Monday, 75 on Tuesday and 68 so far today with 22 more planned!
*Better eating today and within calories yesterday
*the ability to move my body and to burn calories!
*My husband and dog who mostly keep me sane and again my Spark friends who allow me to vent when Hubby and Dog are trying to make me insane!
*My parents for teaching me to stay positive even in dire circumstances
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