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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well SparkBuddies, I got the part I went out for last night! The play is called “In The Next Room” and I’ll be apart of a cast of 7 people! It’s not the smallest cast I’ve been apart of, but it’s close. I honestly cannot wait to get started on Monday and look forward to really digging my teeth into a great piece of theatre. I learned from my audition last night that this will challenge me as an actor and will give me the meaty material I’ve been desperately wanting to explore for quite a while. So far, this is my 24th show and I’m counting down the days until I make the 1 hour drive to our first rehearsal (yes, it’s going to be crazy). I’ve figured out that I will at least be able to be home for around 30 minutes to change and grab dinner (yay for no fast food!) which will be a relief to my pocket as well as the scale. This is the third show in a row where I’ve basically been handed a part and I will never stop being grateful for that.

I took some time out this morning to shop for my HEA and unforuntately have to store it all in the office fridge until the end of the work day) which is already too full. Sorry co-workers but my HEA is too important! HA!

***TMI Warning***
I’m supposed to have coffee only once a week (Monday), but lately it has become a daily occurance and man did I pay for it this morning. My body just can’t handle all of the caffeine and I thought I learned my lesson last year when I was battling some major stomach issues. Back to tea it is! I don’t know how you coffee lovers do it!

Zumba tomorrow night!
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