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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Had lunch yesterday with a couple of the Professors I used to work their invitation. They each got me a Pandora bead for my new bracelet, I knew one of them had called my husband prior to my retirement for gift ideas. Then later they told me it was taking longer than they thought and would have to delay our planned luncheon to celebrate. We had scheduled our lunch for the week hubby was in the hospital so I had to cancel and we re-scheduled it for yesterday. I worked for six professors, guess the other four weren't interested in participating, or perhaps were not invited. I did get a lovely engraved jewelry-type box with a picture of the building where I worked for 35 years from the entire department upon retirement, so I'm sure the other four profs contributed to that. It would have been kind of fun to see them all though.

It is not my favorite situation--going to lunch with professors. We never socialized, as they do in some University departments, although the one professor used to spend a lot of time at my desk talking to me about his life. He never really was interested in hearing about my life, of course, he is very self-involved. I think I've written about him before. I sure don't miss him at all. It was always the secretaries socializing with other secretaries and the profs socializing with other profs. In fact I never even went to any outside social event sponsored by the Department. I did in the early years, but it was very uncomfortable, so I just quit going. But I got through the luncheon and appreciate the nice beads each of them got me for my bracelet. One is called "Snow Leopard," and represents freedom in African, I believe he said. At the store where he bought it, they told him it was a good bead for retirement. I agree and it means a lot to me. The other prof got me a volleyball bead. If you read my blog, you know what a fan I am of my Husker Volleyball team so I like it a lot as well.

After lunch I stopped at the grocery store. What a zoo that place was. I wondered what was going on--since it was about 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. Usually when I shop in mid-day like that during the week, stores are empty and I love it. I couldn't walk down the aisle, without running into someone, there was no carts available, and I hated it. At the check-out someone mentioned the impending blizzard (supposed to start snowing tomorrow and we are to get a LOT of snow---I'm so sick of winter!) and I thought, "Ah Ha! That is why so many people are at the store!" Then I realized I had forgotten MILK! So at my next stop, Walgreen's, where I had to get hubby's antibiotic prescription that he is to take before and after his biopsy tomorrow, I picked up milk. I need to be prepared to be snowed in for a few days. I'm just hoping the snow doesn't start until after we get home from the biopsy, it is scheduled at midday tomorrow and that is about when the snow is to start. YIKES! We are to get 10-12 inches, more than we've had all winter. I'm ready for Spring!

This afternoon I'm substitute teaching in a third grade class. Hope they are well behaved, but usually they are just normal kids: boisterous, naughty, and trying to get away with anything they can since they have a sub. It really amazes me at the effort they all go to, to do anything other than what they are supposed to be doing. It has always been my attitude to do what is assigned, or what I am supposed to do, so that I can get it over with and have time to do what I want. Not these kids! They will do anything other than what they're assigned to do. I got a note from the teacher that even though I'm to be at school just after noon, the kids are at lunch until 12:50, so I won't have them until then. It should be a short day, cause they get out of school around 3. I'd like to say it's easy money, but it's definitely not easy!

The scale said 153.4 this morning! VICTORY! I've been trying to get back down there since hubby was in the hospital two weeks ago, and I ate snacks all the time instead of meals and gained 3 pounds. Now to get back into those 140's, where I feel more comfortable. I need to keep the weight off so those skin tight jeans I bought will still fit! Speaking of, I wore a pair of Lauren Conrad floral jeans to lunch yesterday and noticed they are a size 10. I guess they're not the "pencil" style though. They're plenty tight though! I don't think I will ever quit trying to lose weight. Maintenance isn't really maintenance for's just a battle to lose an elusive 15 pounds. I will never be satisfied, but if that's what it takes to prevent major regain, so be it.
Here's the "Pencil" jeans that I had to get in a size 12--ON ME! Boy I better not gain one pound, or these babies aren't going to zip!

This is what I wore to lunch yesterday--the size 10 Lauren Conrads. They're a lot stretchier than the size 12's!

and here's the proof:

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